OK, own up, who broke the Auction House?

Damn it, minute I get on to flog my stuff it gets turned off.


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I’m sorry. It was me. :frowning:

I had Taco Bell last night and due to Cross Faction, the Bathrooms were completely filled with Horde.


I recall doing something similar on my old Atari 2600 to glitch games


wiggles toes


Blizzard did. There is a pretty major bug with people getting gold for things they did not sell.

AH is shut down to investigate and hopefully fix. I don’t know if messaging from Blizz is out yet given how fast they are scrambling on it.

OH! And there is a thread about it.


There’s a thread Kaivax just posted. :slight_smile:

Listen just because my mod was running the AH for me doesn’t mean.

People are currently asking for items in Trade.

Who would have thought that channel would be useful in such a way!?


translation please? Were they just getting gold for other peoples sales or something?

I saw that! In a way this might be a good thing. Like when the interwebs goes out and people remember they have books, can talk to real humans, etc!

It may end up being a positive experience for some folks.

WoW hired some New World devs to manage the new AH features.
Gold duping and system breakdowns ensue.

(seriously though, did you think it would work first day? This isn’t on a PTR or anything)

Read the thread. There is more to it than that title. People were getting gold for stuff they did not sell as well. I don’t know what was causing it. I am not an AH designer or anything :dracthyr_shrug:

That error reminds me of something that happened in that Amazon game the name of which escapes me, where people were getting huge amounts of gold from an AH cancel bug.

it didnt give me any gold…what it did do was send everything i had in the ah on a few different toons in a particular realm to just one toon. i had spread them out on purpose, lol.

I just want my enchants

Don’t look at me,I didn’t do it.

it was me i broke it. i was chasing a draenei ready to push her into a mud puddle when i spilled soda all over the auction house calculation machine.