Oh yeah... today is Sunday

Well… um…

Happy Sunday.


Well, you know why they call it Sunday

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Nerf Hunters

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How dare you force “happy” upon me

Give Worgen tails first.

And undead an upright posture option

More Mechagnome customizations.

Mechagnomes need to spearhead the Dragonflight expansion.

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Mechagnomes should be rolled into standard gnomes!

Um… wait I have a witty comeback here somewhere… uhhhhh…

ur naggy wife. dark iron dwarfs have naggy wives right?

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You don’t want your race to lead us into the new expansion? Or are you suggesting it be pure blood Orcs instead?

Dwarves pop out of holes in the ground.

If we did we would only become the next lawnmowers.

And go swimming with hairy women?

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Woke up to let me dog out, met with MaggotArmageddon. Protip kids never ever no matter how tired. leave a garbage bag with rotting meat in it, outside. Always put it in the trash and you wont have the invasion of Maggormandy right outside your kitchen, screw sunday.

This Warlock was force fed a centipede.

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Well if the call it a :banana: split it wouldn’t be the same. :thinking:

When I was 16 I hate half a gallon of white queso and woke up at 2 AM projectile vomiting an entire fiesta.

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Not bad.

This one time I stood on top of a ferris wheel and tried to set the world record of being on top of one. Wanted some beer. They wouldn’t give me any.

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