Oh my god, it's a mirage!

I didn’t know you can post now without being subbed.

I’m telling yall it’s sabotage!

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It is unintended, it will be corrected.

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Yes but until it’s patched, I suppose this is an incredibly rare opportunity to chat.

So… um.

Why’d you unsub?

Game was getting boring. Getting rid of GCD made the game unplayable. Also, I don’t want to give money to a company that pushes SJW agenda.



Oh dear…

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Damn my eyes your just another mirage… Madman from Everquest 1.

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Well, that’s disheartening. I was hoping it was a feature.

Then quickly, grab as many snacks and drinks while you still can before they remove you.

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Can I take you with me? :o I need a pretty Draenei at my side through those lonely, cold nights~

I’m not a draenei…

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Let’s cuddle.

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Nooooooo! The mirages! It buuuuuuuuurns!

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You’re a fridge. Go plug yourself in to an electric socket.

i’m tellin all a ya’ll, it’s SABOTAGEEEE

They are fixing that soon.