Oh MG, thou Goldshire


It’s been real and it’s been fun.
But it ain’t been real fun.

Alas, the weirdos have ran me back to my old realms!
Let the character xfer’g begin! Blizzard you get another c-note! Hah! <3


…Reset the counter to 0?

(Tindsley) #3



Thank you, I know!

(Darrisoc) #5

So, let me get this straight… You went to Goldshire.


No, no - they paid $100 to go to Goldshire.


Oh yes, I went to Goldshire;

  • Mages Quarters
  • Old Town
  • Lions Rest
  • Cathederal

And alas, the weirdos are abound! I had fun though, until I didn’t. Now the xfers started. Wish you all the best of luck however roleplaying is when you actually “play” a “role” not… Anyways, I won’t go there lol much love! <3

(Drannon) #8

“X years experienced RPer”

“Walk ups welcome!”

“I don’t do walk ups”


Wait, what? Lol

(Flywheel) #10

The internet is full of weird people. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they’re not all confined to Goldshire or Moon Guard.

Common sense would suggest you stop interacting with a person if they start making you feel uncomfortable.

Everyone else, let’s go back to our cups of tea while this person wastes hundreds of dollars on transfers.

(Darrisoc) #11

Bye Felicia.


Yeah, no.

Buhbye Felecia(s) GG on defending your radically horrible server though! It was fun for about 5minutes, and oddly disturbing for two wks! <3

(Yokumba) #13

Imagine trying to look cool while giving Blizzard Activision $80


Serious side of WoW ain’t cheap my dude.

I don’t mind giving this person attention at all. Maybe they’ll even come up with a clever insult or two, so far… Not impressed, but Human Paladin. They usually are the dullest of the combos.

(Drannon) #15

I’m detecting a strong odor of angst emenating from the OP.

(Flywheel) #16

I think this person is even insinuating that I am Felecia (or perhaps several of us?)…whoever that is.

Coming on Moon Guard realm forums to say that Moon Guard is a horrible server? I hope you weren’t trying to make any friends.

Please, the back door is that way. Go throw your money away. Perhaps that is what’s making you feel so bad? We’re sorry that you didn’t enjoy your time here, but your inflammatory posts are achieving little.

If Moon Guard was only fun for 5 minutes, then you should have rolled a level 1 toon to try the server out before transferring all your characters. I think that’s reasonable advice for anyone.

Your foolishness is not our responsibility.

(Darrisoc) #17

Apparently, it did not enjoy Goldshire after it paid to go to Goldshire. I can only wonder why.


What if everyone in Goldshire on Moonguard were actually normal and everyone else are the weirdos ?


Some people are playing the role of thirsty bois and girls. Why you gotta judge?


I do not need to go to Goldshire for companionship. My Taoshi bodypillow is all I will ever need. Now, if you excuse me, I must go back to learned how to speak Pandaren from reading these cool picture books with words.