Oh here we go. UA dam buffs

Continuing the discussion from Dragonflight Fractures in Time PTR Development Notes:

I still don’t understand why rampant even needs to be a honor talent to apply to more than 1 person. This is more “single target” but it doesnt address the fact its only 25% increased damage of 1. 1. 1. dot. that only hits for 10-15k as it is. ticking for 12-17k isnt worth losing spreading it on 3 targets.

If anything the rampant honor talent should ALSO increase UA daamge by 10% or 15%.

Make it a higher priority to dispel, and force healers into needing to either dispel it or let it tick. Right now its spam dispelled and only hits like 120-130k when it is dispelled.

You either need to buff its damage, or buff the dispel damage. Not just leave it how it is.

Not to mention, ontop of it all, you buffed rot and decay, but we cant even play it unless MAYBE in RBGs since we are pigeonholed into rampant, rapid contagion, and either soul rip, impish, or observer. RBGs, you are usually forced into shadow rift.

They’ve also nerfed the rampant affliction talent(as per the notes) - to now nerfs UA damage by 25% if you take it - seeing as every warlock takes rampant afflictions, there’s been no effective buff to UA. (Apparently having all your dots freely dispelled and negated with no penalty wasn’t good enough, they need to negate the damage buff as well).

  • Unstable Affliction now deals 25% increased damage in PvP combat.
  • Rampant Afflictions now decreases the damage of Unstable Affliction by 25% in addition to its current effect.

lmao what the hell is this. This right here proves the team in charge of the aff rework doesn’t even play the spec. RAMPANT AFFLICTIONS SHOULD BE BASELINE. This is a mandatory talent in PvP combat. Nobody is going to drop the ability to have 3 UAs out for a 25% dam increase on something that ticks for 10k-15k on 700k hp pools. This isn’t even a buff.

Actually insane and pathetic. Remove Rampant Afflictions, or maybe change it so it increases UA backlash damage, we are still getting spam dispelled out here because UA dispel hits 120k on 600k-700k hp pools, which is an extremely small price to pay for how much it sets back aff.

Yeah I really don’t see any world where single target dotting in pvp ever makes sense from a design perspective. You just play destro if that’s what you want. Why would dispel protection on a single kill target ever matter? Literally only mind games?

Even if, for some reason, an affy dropped rampant afflictions, UA dispel is currently hitting 130ks, on 600k+ hp health pools. These pvp changes make 0 sense.

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They probably make perfect sense if you don’t PvP as a warlock.

Yeah I know the dps would be laughable even with bigger buffs doing single target. The rotation for single target is like toddler levels of boring too. Even 3x dotting you aren’t exactly an outlier compared to some classes. After the changes, freecasting will be a threat at least.

Also I did some testing on ua dispel damage numbers on ptr and I run a bit of mastery, with the new talent I’m getting closer to 180ks with any procs while keeping around 28% haste. I’ll be happy where it’s at honestly with our dots ticking harder on top of it. You should be rewarded for keeping the healer dotted.

Aff will still be squishy when trained by double melee but there’s definitely going to be some viable 3’s comps coming. Sparring another spec not just completely being insane and bullying everyone out of the meta that I don’t know about on ptr.

Yeah I noticed this today while testing out some double aff in 3s, when either of us were left to free cast, we’re pretty much doing around the same damage as everyone else, certain single target specs in particular like survival/fury do the same exact damage as triple rot free cast except all their damage is primarily single target and couple with an MS, also their damage can’t be dispelled :^)

Destro is just a better more advanced version than aff, it’s absurd. Aff gets wrecked way too hard and shutdown way too easily by double melee because of how much it has to cast and how it pretty much only has one spell school. Hardlocked into 2 mandatory pvp talents so you can’t even really grab the extra utility needed to survive double melee, jungle, cupid in this meta. Actually feels so trash. Ele Shaman can out-damage aff if both are left to free cast.

this is alright but nobody is full 450 gear so I feel like this is still going to be too weak. ripping UA dispels sets affy back too far and really hurts our dam.

if nothing else changes here destro is still going to be the superior spec in every comp that’d be viable for aff. played destro with one hand to in shuff 2357 first week and on aff I am playing so tryhard at 2k mmr just go to 3-3.

That’s on ptr copied from my live warlock that’s not fully geared yet either.

The fact that MW monk is the most played healer right now doesn’t help things either. Revival is so toxic for aff especially in rbgs when they stack them. Warlocks and mw have a lot of synergy too, which makes the other warlock specs better. Since mw counters aff in so many ways and one of it’s cc clears dots.

I definitely don’t want destro gutted just for that reason. I’m saving my destro games for end of season. I pushed mid season last time and got sick of it. I don’t enjoy the spec enough to que it unless I feel like I can get higher rating than last time. I still enjoy destro in 2’s and 3’s for certain comps. I’d rather play aff in solo shuffle and rbgs.

If aff got another pvp talent slot opened up it might fix it, but still, it’s competing for the same “anti caster caster” slot that destro fills with similar class synergies. Definitely going to try to find another ua lock to play with after the changes in 3s at least once though. I really enjoy the new soul rip in affs playstyle.

what in the actual $*&@. 25% buff 25%nerf. this makes no sense at all. This kinda feels like an April fools joke but were in June so idk.

Buff dispel damage, or better yet make the damage reflect whats already on the tooltip. Mine says 360k with 3 stacks of malefic affliction, but it never actually hits for that much

Aff is fine and the buff just means aff can now play 2s and destroy people.

Aff isn’t fine unless you’re speaking 20 minutes into a game when deep dampening comes into play. Literally without big dampening, the spec gets trolled hard by every other spec, including every other DoT spec, too, like Spriest.

If you mean by it doing mega damage, sure, but it has almost 0 kill opportunities outside of, again, deep dampening. The damage the DoTs do isn’t insane, nor that good unless you’re talking 20 minutes into a game of 3s, then it’s fine. The damage everything else non DoT related does is like 3 times more damage than your DoTs, which is very stupid for a spec that’s a DoT spec.

If you don’t think your dots hurt then play a healer against a good aff lock. The problem with aff is only the ramp up time which is getting fixed next patch and the fact that if you cant have multiple people dotted its kinda not very good. However UA getting buffed 25% more damage is pretty huge in 2s.

Yes, correct but the DoTs, themselves don’t do a lot. What they do, though, is proc GoSac.

At the end of an Arena match GoSac is either top or top 3 abilities every match because each DoT tick has a chance to proc it. That’s where half the damage comes in at, the fact that they’re proccing GoSac from them and not the DoTs themselves.

I do when I did and I played a Resto Druid and never once had an issue against Affliction because I knew that, throwing HoTs on myself, then dispelling whatever person they had used all those globals to put on people, it was fine.

It takes 8 seconds for a dispel. It takes 6 seconds or more to put up DoTs on 1 person, fully, unless you’re using a different talent setup like Soul Rot area with people gathering around to give mega big haste buff, then it’s a diff story. At that rate, though, that’s literally on the other team being stupid for getting close together instead of staying spread out.

Again, as a Resto Druid or as a Priest it’s very easy to go against an Affliction Warlock. Idk about the other healers, I just know Priests can dispel all but Agony in a single GCD and then have regular Dispels to help out. I know that Resto Druid can dispel Agony and all of the other stuff to keep you from getting full damage from Agony and yeah, the UA dispel isn’t much damage right now, especially for Druids.

This should def not be the case and if it is your not pressing you buttons enough.

What matches are you playing at where you get to stop and cast? Because if there’s any kind of melee with any sort of brain in the match, 2s or 3s alike, rbgs, they would never, ever, ever, let the Warlock get freecasting off. This would mean you’re not doing any MR casting, nor would it be that you’re doing much of anything outside of instant casts which means keeping DoTs up, plus your enemy healer will be removing said DoTs meaning you’d have to yet again set them up more. You might, MIGHT get some Fears or Death Coils off, but Warlocks are very squishy outside of Demo.

Aff does better into melee then casters you have coil shadowfury fear and a bunch of mobility to get away from targets. 1 UA and 3 ruptures isnt really hard to do and you swap your dots onto other targets using your soul swap.

The next patch also reduces the rupture requirement. The bad thing about aff is when classes can get rid of your dots without the dispel protection kicking in (priests/hunters) and warriors due to the mobility they have the rest of the classes you can get casts off pretty easily.

I would suggest just trying to cast in melee faces and eventually you will just get casts off without troubles after practising.

Thanks for the good laugh :slight_smile:

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And Ironically today they just halfed the damage the backlash does.

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