Oh boy, here we go

#nochanges EXCEPT.
Whining about each and every slight imbalance is what got you the retail version of WoW. Suck it up or go back to BfA.


The fixed issues were exploits/griefing/game breaking so its actually ok


You think you do, but you don’t.


“warts and all”

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There is class balance issues, should work on that next.


And yet they do nothing about the griefing in world pvp. How is it fair to throw horde a bone but screw alliance?


If you want #nochanges then don’t use discord because it wasn’t around in vanilla. And when you say but ventrilo then use ventrillo.


This is the #nochangesexcept era.

Both factions are equal. But one faction is more equal than the other.

Are you seriously putting that out as some sort of counter argument? Should we dig out old PCs from 2004 then? LOL


What an idiotic comparison. That’s like saying we should all be using dial up while playing classic. Get real :roll_eyes:


I just can’t wait until we get TBC servers. Ya’ll can keep vanilla, many of us want to play the best version of the game.


On top of these, just erase your memory of anything you know about the game. Don’t wanna have any advantage that you didn’t have in 2004.


This basically confirms that anything’s subject to change if people complain about it enough. Not sticking around to see what they mess with next, personally.

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:wave: :v: adios

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You think if Av was mass premades in Vanilla it wouldnt have been changed?

Stop being so Naive.

All the world griefing that happened in p2 wasnt just because there was more Horde.

It happened because players knew in time there was going to be bg’s and pvp gear that would be better than some of the next lot of raid gear.

In Vanilla we didnt know that, we do now hence why foresight is causing this pvp blowout.

People did premade av in vanilla though.

The amount of people that clear raids compares to vanilla should we also make changes there?

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it was done in vanilla…

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Not on this scale and you know it.


Do you realize just how much falls under the category of “if it had happened in vanilla, it would have been changed”?

Here’s an example specific to you; do you really think they would have left warriors alone if people had figured out they did double everyone else’s damage (aside from fire mages)?

Of course im being hypothetical, but back then we didnt know that the best gear for how long would be coming from pvp instead of raids. Hence the hardcore of pvper’s. And by using any means possible to gain honour and rank. Which has caused Av premades to a degree not seen in vanilla.

Im made the toon to tank not to dps my retail main is warrior so i wanted to play a warrior in classic as i didnt play one in classic.

Same reason i play Horde, not for zomgopracials.