<oh> 7/10H, 1/10M, Recruiting WW and healer

Hello there!

is a new mythic progression guild on Zul’jin. Our leadership was CE in Castle Nathria, and we’re looking to get as far as we can as a guild in 9.1. Currently 7/10H, 1/10 M SoD.

Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday 9PM-12AM EST

Currently Recruiting: WW and Healers (Hpal pref)

Everyone is expected to have consistent attendance and be ready to raid (consumables, etc.) and at the raid entrance at raid start. That being said, we will not go over raid time and we will not do extra days.

Here’s what you can expect from the guild:

  • Transparency
  • Data driven strategizing
  • A fun play environment
  • A focus on improvement and progress as a group

We also run a lot of m+ for weeklies and push keys!

You can message us at:

Durundal#2680 (Discord) / Durundal#1500 (Battle.net)

Lin#7266 (Discord) / Legod#1501 (Battle.net)