Officially 6 months into 8.3 Tomorrow

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there’s nothing to do.

Sure wish Blizzard had some transmog challenges or something.
8.3 felt like such an empty patch, even with the raid.


You could try getting keystone master or raiding.


This is probably the shortest 3rd patch they’ve ever done, SL beta is this week.

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Normally I would have done Cutting Edge like I did last expansion, but my guild was just so fed up with BfA.
Waiting for everyone to return for Shadowlands.

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Honestly, I don’t blame you. I’m having a blast progging with my guild but thats only because we love eachother and our shenanigans.

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Time for those long lost achievements! :slight_smile:

I’m working on Outland Loremaster.


The time walking rep bonuses are also great because they apply to open world quests to. Unlocking exalted with the Outland Maghar took about 3 hours and thats another couple mounts in the collection!


A garbage end patch for a garbage expansion.

You could also get try to get The Explorer


Siege was 14 months long.
Hellfire Citadel was 14 months long.
Antorus was just under 9 months and it was the shortest end-raid since Sunwell and Naxx.


we have a max of 2-3 months.

you mean 3-5

Nope, Pre-Patch will happen in either Sept or Oct.

The latest SL can drop is late November, which would make Nyalotha a 10 month old raid.

Or about as long as Dragon Soul.

Feels about the same as most “last” patches of an expansion. It’s not like Legion brought us some insane new content either and it went live in Aug 2017, meaning it lasted for a year before BFA dropped.

Yeah but I was talking about the actual launch. I hope it comes asap.

There’s pre-patch coming before SL, and while it will make corruption essence obsolete it will probably bring about a new world event to keep us hanging & also class change/talent introduction to bid us enough time to familiarize with it, come with some sort of meta & beyond before SL hits. I am glad this happened for BFA pre-patch during legion; not pleased with BFA’s story line however.

I had totally overlooked that! Perhaps I should be doing Catacylsm quests instead. :joy:

Legion did have the Mage Tower though; something to do in the meantime.

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I’m running Legion dungeons and Raids to get artifact appearances I didn’t get while current.

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Questing in Uldum will get you exalted. No need to do any dungeon grinding. Camel mounts for everyone!