Official "Choose Your Own Adventure" Flag?


My wife and I are planning on playing new characters for Shadowlands, with the intent on going through the new player experience, and then leveling up in Burning Crusade since that is the last expansion she has played (and she wants to see Zangarmarsh again). I currently have a level 120 on live, and she has a old character from BC.

My question, since accounts have to “complete BFA” before being able to use the choose your own expansion leveling experience, what is the actual flag to the account? Do you just have to have a 120 before the level squash? Have a level 50 after the prepatch? Complete some quest in BFA?

Also, would paying for a boosted character on a brand new account, then creating a new character satisfy the flag to level in whatever expansion?



I’m afraid Customer Support wouldn’t have any details that aren’t already released, Ewo. I imagine it would require that you have a max level character 120 (50) based on the Battle for Azeroth expansion cap.

Similar to unlocking the Demon Hunter class, if you boosted a character to 120/50 I imagine it would count for those requirements, but I can’t officially say it will.

We’ll likely know more as we get closer to launch, but your theory on how it should work does seem to have merit. :slight_smile:


Thanks Vrakthris! If you think there would be a better place to post, let me know (Wasn’t sure where to post). I appreciate the response.

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I’m afraid there really isn’t a guaranteed contact point for Development, who would be best qualified to answer that question. You can post in General Discussion, if a Community Manager sees it and knows the answer, they may be able to provide it. That isn’t all that common as they are mostly busy trying to collect feedback and aren’t able to interact as much as they may like.

You could reach out to the @WarcraftDevs twitter but with all hands on Shadowlands development that channel has been pretty quiet.

If I get an update I’ll update this thread.


Update: That appears to be how it will work. Getting to 50/120, regardless of if by leveling or boost, will allow alternate characters to choose their leveling expansion.

Obviously, we’re still in beta, so everything is subject to change but those requirements are likely to stick.