Offering Help to New/Returning Players!

Hey guys! I just wanted to make a post because I recently decided that since I’m pretty much as far into the expansion as I will get besides Mythic Raid progress, that I wanted to take some time and help the new/returning players either learn the game or get back into it again. I know that WoW can sometimes seem like a lot to someone just coming in/back to it… Anyways I set up a discord server, so if anyone is interested in it, please feel free to leave a reply here and if people seem to be interested, I will give people the link to the server :slight_smile:

Battletag: HiddenSquid#154875

Have fun everyone and hopefully I can help!


Might help to add your battle tag

good call, just did!

That’s nice of ya. Best of luck.

I’m new to this game and i’d love if you could show me the ropes. :slight_smile:

Just as a heads up for people who may google onto this post in the future…

With the release of Shadowlands, there will be an npc who sells something equivalent to a Newcomer Guide title in game.

There are some achievement pre-reqs to be eligible to obtain it.
Players with the guide title will be identified with a special icon in game so players seeking assistance can id them.

Honestly I have been playing WoW since around 2010… I want to get into it. i just paid for the New Xpac. I honestly still have no idea how to play. i would just like to have a few people to play with that know what they are doing but are chill at the same time. I really am not going to be able to keep up with ppl that want me to be online 20 hours a day.

If you need help or have questions, feel free to add me @ Mortredx#1171