Odd question on Shadowlands

I saw that if you pre-ordered Shadowlands it opens up the Deathknight class for any allied race you have unlocked. My question is if you preorder and make a new deathknight will it start in the new deathknight starting zone at level 1 or will it be still be in the current starting zone starting at level 55 (I think that is the starting level).

I believe they get their own starting area that’s basically like the Allied Races starting areas. (So, not an actual questing zone, just a quick bit of narration.) I think they start at level 58. (They start a bit higher than regular DKs as they don’t have the starting quests to get them a few levels.)

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Yup, as above, very fast scenario which catches you up in what’s going on, and then you’re 58, and out in the world (of Warcraft).

Follow up question then, if you make a deathknight will it count towards the level progress you need to unlock the heritage armor questlines. Or do you need to make the 110 levels on a non-enhanced class (deathknight or demon hunter)?

Yes, they can unlock the heritage armor.

All new Death Knight characters will receive the iconic Acherus Deathcharger class mount after completing the introductory questline, with Allied Race Death Knights also receiving their racial mount (pandaren racial mounts will still need to be purchased from a vendor). Heritage Armor for Allied Races characters can be obtained by leveling to 110.