October’s Trading Post is Spooktacular

It seems like they nerfed the raid boss option this month? You can only get 150 instead of 250 from it.


You mean, it looks like a broom, rather than something that is supposed to hook onto a trailer hitch.

They nerfed a bunch of them. Did players complain when they increased the monthly requirement to 1400 that blood troll appearance month?

Removing the ability to get a monthly reward if you haven’t bought dragonflight is supposed to be an incentive to buy it.

Soooo… the Druid weapon set (Ashamane’s Blessing of Rebirth) is useless for Ferals and Guardians then? Since we cannot transmog fist weapons or daggers into our Agi polearms/Staves

Can this even be fixed in time?


Wasn’t hard one bit too get my Traders post done…just went around doing some Pet battles …a few dragon races and boom got it all done…easy peasy…didn’t have to chase battle ground players…or raid bosses…just causally went around the map and was done.

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good job blizzard punish people who dont have dragonlfight by nerfing tenders for raid accomplishment.

My druid is enjoying her new staff and broom.


Maybe because this drives design decision?

I really like the DK set, flies and all!

I just got my flying broom mount WOOT WOOT!!! Thank you Blizzard - its great fun!! :smiley:

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Just got the broom mount myself, and I don’t do endgame stuff. here is what I did: the special Coren ??? dungeon for 150, did 50 quests on a char for total of 300, did 15 quests in MOP for 150, fished up a fish head at Darkmoon and completed LFG wearing it, drowned myself at Darkmoon to die, then talked to a spirit near the graveyard. Leveled one character to 20 from 12, another from 26 to 30. Fished 50 fish in Pandaria., killed 25 dungeon bosses in leveling dungeons. All in one day.


My best advice is try for things like the battle pet trainers and 15 pet battles, stuff that either completely completes another feat or at least partially completes one. That way you’ll get a bunch of stuff done at once, the fact that 50 fish is also in Pandaria with the pet battles really helps.

Raid bosses are easy to do in Pandaria. Go to the Lorewalker hq in Mogushen Temple and you can que up for all the Pandaria lfrs. ToT, Heart of Fear and Terrace will get you to 25 pretty quickly.

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Lil KT for sure, The Cool Bladefist and the imp in a Ball! YES!

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This broom is awesome!
I need a gnome mage or warlock with a witches hat and my black cat pet!


Only 125 points away from getting the broom, I’ve never done it this fast! I’m still doing the gnome run, and hallows end, but I’ll probably have all the points by then. Great prizes this month!


Yes? Why would you ever ask a company to charge you for something when you could be getting it for free by interacting with their product instead?

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This is just stupid! They wrote this as if you could PURCHASE this at the trading post which is NOT accurate you have to EARN this. Then why not just say here earn this new mount, not act like it can be bought.

A small note for those unfamiliar with the Great Gnomergan Race and it’s difficulty level in some area, and wanting to do it with a group of people/ie: The Gnome Run to reduce the difficulty to complete the objective.

I designed the course many years ago (in the final stretch of ICC before Cata) for my guild as a charity project and the exact course was then implemented by the team many years later.

You can learn about how to do the event with others here and what we’re fundraising for here:

Info on the holiday and it’s implementation:

What can be confusing for people is that on the calendar the mircoholiday does start at 12:00 am server time, that is simply the time that the holiday goes live on the servers.

That means that it is the Starting zone race banner, the NPCs, the quest givers and etc. That time is solid for all zones worldwide so everyone has a chance to experience the magic of the event we created worldwide.

If you’re looking to do the community event, we won’t be doing much of anything at 12am, haha.

However: The Running of the Gnomes on Scarlet Crusade leaves the starting zone at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern every year on the day of the holiday. You can check that is the case via the Warcraft Cares social media every year.

We’ll be partying it up for most of the day early on Saturday/Late on Friday/etc etc.

You are not required to come to the community event that inspired the microholiday/do the Trade Objective, however, it’s a rare opportunity to connect with 1,000s of other players to engage in a charity event and do something silly at the same time. The event was created with level 1s in mind.

How you choose to engage with the microholiday, or not, is entirely up to you! But I always want more people to feel empowered to enjoy the event together, or alone! Seeing people all over getting to enjoy the magic of doing something fun/silly together on low levels and bringing back the joy of the game when it was older is the best thing possible!

Happy October Friends!


I’m excited to dust-off my gnome and run my little heart out for a good cause.

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Time is money, friend.