Oceanic Server(s) downgrade?

Hey folks,

I’ve just recently gotten back to WoW after more than a year of absence. The first thing I noticed was my ping which is reaching 280+ms. I used to just get around 120+ms.

What happened?

Update: I just logged in on a US server and I got around 134ms!
For anyone wondering I’m playing from Hong Kong. And no I can’t play on TW as I can’t read the language I seriously don’t feel like purchasing WoW and it’s xpacs all over again…

I’ve played on and off since 2006, and since getting oceanic based servers my ping hasn’t changed really.

It could be something on your end rather than a server issue

It could be your country’s routing problem to OCE servers. I have the same issue. My ping changed within months to 250 from 130 so I used exitlag to get a stable unchanged ping.