Oceanic Merge

Is this some kind of out of season april fools joke?

Just when I thought they couldn’t ruin the pre patch any more they rip this one out.
Now we get to do AV weekend for very little honor with extra lag.

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And next week you’ll be doing it for even less honor :- )

can anyone help my arathi basin is LAG :rage:

its big LAGSSS big like this —>>> LAGS!!! not a small lags like this —>>> lags

Got to love that they posted this with 0 reference to the lag, and edited the word lag out of the original post they were replying to at this point it literally feels like blizzard are testing a new torture method.

dont forget they also banned the original poster from the forums

the forums really will rebel to anything huh

Oh yeah no big deal. just going from 20 ms to 300ms. can’t imagine it will impact many people

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