OCE Servers just die?

Yep Oceanic down. Think I’ll barby the snags & put some clothes on. Hopefully fixed by then!

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Bliz secret plot to get invited to the BBQ, down the oce servers XD

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lmao facts!

FM, unable to log in :frowning:

Oh no, Kalviery, they found us out!

Seriously though, I don’t have anything of substance as of yet, but I can definitely say the hive has been kicked and all the bees are buzzing around trying to get you all back into the game. If I get anything more specific I’ll let you know.


anyone still struggling to log in?

Jubei’thos here, ya all OCE is down currently

Quick bunnings run in for emergency supplies and sausages for extra guests!


its not just OCE servers - I’m playing on Jom Gabbar (US SoM server) from NZ and can’t log in either - happened exactly the same time, and the server status is showing Jom Gabbar as being up still.

Barthilas is down too.

Thanks WOW staff we know you are on it :slight_smile: Happy Australia day to all :slight_smile:

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Yep Saurfang too. Happy Australia Day all Aussies!

Benediction seems down for me too.

Yes, it seems to include Classic and TBCC.

Thanks. Those are Oceanic or OCE realms.

Editing to avoid confusion


Happy australia day! hopefully blizz surprises us with /wefixedtheserver xD

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Guess ill have to go outside


It’s raining, don’t do it.

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Can you also let them know its not just OCE servers - OCE connections to US servers are being affected too

hmm… i just paid 6month subscription for the mount and can’t even log in lol got trolled by blizz


Now I’ll have to do my chores :frowning:

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