OCE Servers just die?

Was in a raid group for world boss, killed, left group. Raid frames continued to show, unable to complete quests as in a raid group. Re-logged. Game stuck on retreiving realm list, then disconnects.

No one else in guild can get on. Frostmourne OCE


Frostmourne here, OCE servers offline for me too

Yea Khaz seems to be down, got kicked from LFR then can’t reconnect,

Yep. im in game lagging, cant login on alts (retrieving realm list)

In the words of scary movie… “cindy the TV’s leaking”

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Arugal in TBCC same issue, I was flying between daily hubs, logged out to mail some stuff from bank alt, logged back in and my character got stuck on the nether ray taxi, alt+f4’d to reset game (log out and exit game did nothing), went to log back in and now stuck on retrieving realm list.

Caelestraz down too

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We’re seeing those reports. It’s being looked into.


Very nice - Thanks.

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came here for this issue. pls fix blizz it’s a public holiday and i wanna kill horde


Remulos down also. People that didn’t get kicked are reporting being teleported to weird zones & glitching

Yeah it’s Australias biggest day and it goes down- RIP =(


Thanks vrakthris, definitely a sausage on the bbq for you today


You are speaking my language, Melodious.

I don’t have any updates at the moment but I’ll try to provide them as I get them.


cheers for being swift. we all have a public holiday and all we want is to gameeeeee


Currently down, yeah.

I was having some super weird effect in game before it went down though

Wait hold on, I’m here for the BBQ


Jumped into The Maw… disconnect and unable to find server to relog… Day off work and this happens. Wonder if New World is more reliable?

Yeah, I clicked the portal to the Oribos from covenant sanctum then stuck in the logging page. Now i am stuck on realmlist

Haha don’t worry I’ll have one for you also -

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we call them prawns too btw, not shrimp kekw

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