OCE realms Frozen

aussies spent an hour blowing p into the usb port now they all outta ideas.

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you absolute pest, the servers are not back up, this is the 4th post of yours ive seen. its just god dam annoying.

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FTTP is outdated?

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has anyone checked twitch streamers see if they are losing thier S#*()$#

Servers still offline for me too.

Forums have always been behind live. Always have, likely always will be.

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Private servers are up


Why would you think that?

This is the vanilla experience, in full effect :smiley:

Lol rip northdale

same lol RIP

Just stop it. You’re not fooling anyone.

yeah baby cmon blizz makes some calls get some people out of bed

Twich has been fine the hours this has been down, its just an aussie thing

FTTP is fine, the switch to FTTN halfway through at an increased cost is the problem

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Majority got some hybrid trash

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You are all just retailers, just wait for the server to come back up, drink some water.


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