Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts

A Currency Exchange (located right next to every Bank or Auction House) would fix most of the problems Blizzard created (in an effort to make life difficult for gold farmers according to one popular explanation) when it became obvious that with every new expansion, a new currency was used for monetary rewards and that Gold, while still used when buying or selling mundane or generic items and services common to WoW and all of its expansions) was “not good enough” to bypass some of the more tedious, annoying, ridiculously over-complicated, or just plain FUBAR elements of the game.

Random PvP encounters outside of Arenas, Battlefronts, Brawlers Guild events, and similar explicitly defined times and locations caused a lot of people to quit WoW. I would have been one of them if I had foreseen just how overused Contested Territories would become. They allowed Blizzard to use PvP in place of PvE content excessively. It costs more in the TW to have content which conforms to the original way PvE realms were defined. For people who like the more recent expansions a lot because they penalize anyone who has zero interest in ranked competitive PvP events as well as having to accept PvP as a practical norm in order to progress at about the same pace as avid PvP fanatics do in the newer Xpacs.

I recall making similar comments about Battle Pets and Pet Battles becoming short cuts for players who are into collections and enjoy being able to make some kind of game progress by using their toon’s Battle Pets as surrogates for the toon itself in very limited and rather slow combat sequences. In other words, Blizz just assumed that all WoW players would have fun in virtual cockfights (or dog fights, mongoose versus rattlesnake fights or old variations of surrogate blood sports such as bear-baiting) and that no players would object to it for the simple reason that it is not entertaining when it becomes a built-in feature of the game.

It would be a major improvement if players could opt to get rid of the Menagerie in their Garrisons and use the space as a meta-size parcel of land for another “elective” building, for example a Trading House (AH) and a Store House (Bank) in addition to the Mage Tower or Dwarven bunker, to make the garrison more of a merchant center; or a Forge, and a Bunker so a toon with Mining Skill could also have a Gem Boutique and be able to customize gear made at the Forge.

Essentially, instead of wasting valuable garrison land on a Menagerie, players who are not into Pet Battles at all could replace that useless building with one that allows them to do more with raw materials that come via fishing, mining, and herbalism or just store more things in the garrison.

Having a meta-building in place of the Pet Menagerie seems to be great option for the many players who would be happy if Pet Battles were never introduced in WoW. Players who like Pet battles (or collecting) might want to use the plot of land that has the Garden for a different purpose, since it is a large parcel that people might want to put a different (small, medium, or large) building on.

If you had the option to replace the Menagerie with any other optional building, would you? With what? No, a Pet Semetary [sic] is not currently an option.

Didn’t like the “reforging” but it grows on ya, then this tries to replace it when Blizzard DITCHED the reforging. Am with you as far as avoiding more farming for endless blizzard glee

great now do the same for reputation, and professions and were all set to play instead of grind against multiboxers.

Some people only want to PVE but some of their alts prefer Blood of the Enemy. People hated essences so much because many of them had to do content they DIDNT want to do. The compromise establishes a way for alts to - not get ahead start - but to achieve their goals in a different way. It’s purely an alternative.

This feature seems bugged still. I have no clear main, and a mix of 120s. I’ve logged on each toon and even each spec on each toon that may have a rank 3 essence, none of my characters are maxed on rank 3 essences. To date, 3 of my 120s (with the legendary cloak rank 6 or higher), are still not even receiving [Echoes]. Then, there are 2 other alts that have 500+ [Echoes] and Mother doesn’t even offer anything for sale. Yet, on the other alts, they can see what Mother has for sale.

Case in point, 120 pally and 120 monk, right? Both at the same point of progression in the game, neither maxed on essences or with the same essences. One is receiving [Echoes] but does not get the ability to even see Mother’s “for sale” items. The other sees what she has for sale. And for some reason my 120 shaman still isn’t even earning them, and he’s at the same point in progression, but he CAN see what mother has for sale.

bugged for sure, and have put in a few tickets and they just link me to this thread. ok.

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Why only rank 3? why not just add all the essence ranks? I’m currently trying to do the quest to get Blood of the Enemy Rank 1, as I did not pvp much on my old main and its currently impossible for me to compete in that environment because it is dominated by players who vastly overpower a new 120. Please allow all the essence ranks to be bought from Mother, especially since they are such a major part of gameplay at the moment. What does only selling the rank 3 essences for alts accomplish?

The point here wasn’t people want power without effort. The fact is that this late in the expansion people were still grinding these bullcrap essences on their many alts. The essences are a baseline mechanic. This is the reason for catch up mechanics on the heart just like on Legion Artifacts.
Have a new alt this late in the expansion and want to:
-not happening, can in no way compete.
2)Mythic Plus
-Can’t get into groups in the LFG and if you do you will be booted for not doing the new norm for damage and healing
3) Raid
-Not without all 4 essences at rank 3
4) Grind World Quests and only World Quests for 5 weeks before you can actually play you alt that you leveled to 120?
-This is the only thing you will be doing as nothing competitive or requiring the damage and healing given by essences will be accessible until you have at least 2 essences at rank 3 as all dungeons and raids are tuned for this baseline mechanic that isn’t given to new characters as a baseline.
If the discussion was regular high end gear you would actually have a point. However, as stated above, this is a baseline mechanic.
Blizzard isn’t doing this to help players, Blizzard is doing this for two reasons:

  1. to keep people playing longer show they can show playtime numbers to investors.
  2. placate the dissenters enough to stay but also anyone still dissenting will be called lazy by the idiots that don’t have critical thinking skills.

Back in the day if you wanted to play every class you had to level then put in the work to gear the character, that is expected. However the baseline systems implemented are the same as leveling from 1- max level all over again.
-Azerite gear (adds 3k-38k dps with BiS traits)
-Essences (adds 9k-60k dps depending on situational use)
-Corruption ( adds 20k-300k dps depending on stat build and RNG procs)
This is why people say “come on blizzard just give us the essences if we have them unlocked on one toon already”
There is no logical reason for this asinine system to even exist in the first place, much more for us to have to do it on any new character we want to play.
If I was still the 19 year old hardcore player chasing High Warlord in Vanilla it would make sense for me to spend 9 hours a day per toon to max it out for one particular activity.
As a casual player with 19 120 alts there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to get at least half of them max geared by playing 1 hour a day five days a week doing my daily Emissaries/BGs/Mythic+ runs.
Basically, the gist of the whole argument for account wide essences is this
“Blizzard, your bullcrap system within a system isn’t fun, it is just garbage. Just let me play the game I paid to play with my friends. Don’t make me hate it like it is a horrible job unless you plan to pay me.”


Your points here I wish I could copy and paste everytime someone mentions how even new/returning/alts need to do the same work, “put in the same effort as I did”, when the expansion came out almost two years ago.
Additionally, I think Blizz could still keep sub numbers without the pointless grind/time-gating at this point. Like you said, even if I play an hour each day 5 days a week, I’m still subbed. Locking key aspects of gameplay behind day to day gates actually makes me want to unsub and find a different game whose design philosophy isn’t to make me feel like I’m punching in.

Is this not live anymore? The echo cost is 2500 now, not 500. Am I missing something?

You seem to have missed the part where echoes were made far easier to acquire and in greater quantity (x5) so the essence price jumped up accordingly (x5). You now get essences from your daily emissary as well as visions and other activities in game.

You can also use essences to buy Malefic cores to catch up your cloak’s corruption resistance once it’s rank 15 if you havent been diligently getting your cores every week through the standard methods.

Essences can also now be used to purchase vessels for horrific visions so you don’t necessarily have to do the assaults to do visions anymore and you can also buy specific corruptions for your gear (the selection rotates each week).

Hey Blizz, CAn we make this available on all alts for PRe-patch plz thank you plz?



I was directed to this thread by a game master.

I earned rank 3 Ripple in Space on one character but none of my alts can purchase it from MOTHER. it says “Item is Locked.” They have progressed the questline far past the point of being sufficient to access this system. In some cases I see others available for purchase, but not the one I need.

No idea what the issue would be, but, why would you want to?

5% movement speed

maxing out speed on gear for speed runs is some seriuos business,
ive got 143% base speed gear set on my DH

You opened a ticket, got a response…and they sent you to a 3 year old thread? I’m guessing that game master had mentally checked out for the day.


Definitely, DH gets crazy with the mastery stacking paying off twice

For what content?

You would have to be wearing the the necklace, and doesn’t it only work in BfA content?

Yes, this is little more than an announcement thread. I’m baffled

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It works everywhere from BFA and before. Main utility is old raids but I find it generally fun to zip around.

I’m already wearing the necklace for longstrider azerite anyway. It’s a personal way of playing the game as I got tired of endgame/gear treadmill so I’ve found cobbling together speed enhancers to be a different and rewarding way of min/maxing that endures a little better from patch to patch.

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