Obligatory History of A Lifetime Player

So… I’ve been around for a very long time. Since the original WoW beta, in fact (Go plainsrunning Tauren!).

Back then, I was known on the WoW Mac Technical Forums for volunteering my time helping people run WoW on their PowerPC based Macs. The lead Mac dev at the time, Tigerclaw, knew who I was well enough to even put a reference to me in the game during WoTLK:

So yeah, I’ve been here for almost the full 20 years.

In that time, I’ve clocked in over 1.4 years, or 510.7 days of play time across off of my characters. I just added it up while writing this. To be honest I’m surprised it’s not higher.

From the original Classic through The Burning Crusade, I really only played one character. Stoneblade, my Tauren Warrior here.

Between my participation on the Mac forums, being one of the main tanks in the guild “Cuties Only”, one of the leading progression guilds on Kil’Jaeden at the time, and my game math contributions to the fan site “Elitist Jerks”, I was almost always online somewhere in the WoW Community, and I took a lot of pride in doing so at the time.

When I wasn’t raiding or on the forums, I was often found just wandering around the Barrens, teaching new players how to play or taking low-level players through the Wailing Caverns for gear or EXP. I also spent a lot of time with a mage I’d met in-game named Guntrix. He eventually quit WoW during WoTLK to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, and I never saw him again. But wherever you are, Guntrix, I still think about you often, and I hope you’re doing well.

Beyond that, I was one of the few players that legitimately raided Naxx 40 regularly in original Classic. I not only got to see it as it was originally intended, but got the full set of Warrior T3 gear. I did the Heigan Dance, wiped to the one person in the wrong polarity on Thaddius, or failed to off-tank one of the Four Horsemen… and sat in the circle while my DPS took care of wave after wave of KT adds. I could go on and on about the memories I have of progression nights and wipes with my old guild.

Though as I moved on into The Burning Crusade, I put my T3 gear in my bank, where it sat for years to come while I grinded reputation till my eyes bled. I worked my absolute butt off to get all of TBC’s rep grinds, keys, and heroic dungeons done. And keep in mind I did all of this on my warrior. Everything from Kara and T4 all the way to Black Temple and T6 to Sunwell and T6.5.

Even in raid gear, doing daily quests in Sunwell Plateau on a warrior was not fun for me. I still to this day have the errant nightmare of getting ganked by alliance hunters while doing Sunwell dailies on my T5-T6 geared warrior. It was also about that time that players were wising up to using prot pallies in Sunwell proper, so I got benched a lot that raid. Sunwell in and of itself, while a ton of fun as a hardcore raider, was something of a low point for me personally on my Warrior. In fact at that point in my WoW playing career, I had something of a growing bias against certain classes. I’d grown to hate Hunter players quite a bit for various reasons ranging from watching them screw up kiting mechanics in dungeons and raids to being ganked by them frequently around this time. Luckily I would soon see the error of my ways.

Nevertheless, I have overall very fond memories of TBC, and consider it largely the peak of my time in WoW overall. I loved every second of my time raiding in TBC. I know a lot of people go tired of doing Mt. Hyjal over and over again, and I’ll admit I felt fatigue from time to time, but overall I absolutely adored my time raiding in TBC.

When Wrath hit though, my professional life was taking precedence, and I spent less and less time in WoW as the expansion went on. Despite being the start of my more casual approach to the game, Wrath was an expansion of firsts for me.

For the first time in the game’s life, I wasn’t at the forefront of the raiding scene, and found myself raiding more and more casually as the expansion went on. For the first time I rolled an alt character, a Shaman, and played something other than a Warrior. I took up healing in my guild’s alt-run raiding group. Though despite having toons that could use them, I never got Shadowmourne or Val’anyr, nor did I ever get Deathbringer’s Will, thanks to really bad luck on loot drops. Something that still kind of bugs me to this day. But as ICC and Wrath came to a close, I found myself more aimless than ever. As Cataclysm neared, I hadn’t ever let my subscription lapse, and was feeling the burnout.

In fact I still haven’t even to this day. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on the game over the years, but I never got that 10-year thank you statue, by the way, Blizzard!

But yeah, anyway. One thing I mentioned earlier was that during late-TBC, I had a rather nasty bias against hunters. But one day I was tanking a “Pick-up-Group” (group of random players) of Steamvaults, with a random hunter in the party, and that was the day my eyes were opened. For the first time since WoW launched, I was shown what the class was truly capable of. I’d all but convinced myself that a class that could “only” fill the dps role was of limited usefulness and utility in a group setting, and this random pug player humbled me more than I could’ve ever asked for.

This random hunter I’d never met before was misdirecting, kiting, trapping, and otherwise just making my job tanking an absolute breeze without ever needing to be asked. For the first time, I realized just how wrong I’d been all this time, and I straight up apologized for my arrogance to her on behalf of all tanks right there on the spot. The fact that I can remember that PuG run of SV so clearly after nearly 18 years should say something.

Because of her, I decided to make a Hunter of my own alongside the Shaman, and played those three classes, Warrior, Shaman, and Hunter, about evenly throughout Wrath of The Lich King. To this day I still think of those trio as my own personal “core” classes. The classes I have the most knowledge and experience of in WoW overall.

Though in Cata, my “altoholism” had spiraled out of control and I was actively maintaining a max-level character of every single class in the game by Cataclysm’s End and MoP’s rise. Though admittedly, in the years since, I’ve played less of each, and more and more on just my hunter.

After Cata and MoP, I became an almost completely casual player. Everyone I’d ever met and built bonds with over the years playing had either left or disappeared, and I was less and less satisfied with where the game was heading. By MoP, I was almost entirely just a dungeon finder player. I had no drive to do much else the game had to offer, and the realization that there was always going to be a new expansion, a new raid tier, and a new goal post made me feel a sense of apathy towards myself and how hard I’d worked during Classic and TBC in terms of “attaining the end goal”. I’d had the best gear in the game for a time, but it was never permanent.

I realized that if I was going to keep putting that much effort into the game, I wanted it to be on a version of the game that was “frozen in time”. I wanted a version of WoW where I could get to the end game, get the best gear, and then keep it. Just have my character in perpetual T3 or T6 gear, and just enjoy the fruits of all that labor.

Then Blizzard announced the return of Classic servers, and I thought my prayers had been answered. From the time they’ve gone live, I’ve spent hardly any time on the current live WoW servers. I haven’t hardly touched Shadowlands or Dragonflight at all. In fact I think I have a grand total play time of the two expansions of something like an hour. My focus and my prayers have been fixated solely on Classic WoW.

As I said, I felt like my prayers had been answered, and they have been, to some degree. I’m very proud of my current T2-T3 geared hunter named Vishka on the Classic Era server. I already have almost as much total playtime on that hunter in the last couple years on Classic Era servers as on Stoneblade, my very first character that I played exclusively for almost a decade.

But what I really wanted was a TBC server. When TBC got rereleased, I went just as hardcore on the TBC Classic server as I’d gone on the original TBC back in 2006, thinking when Blizzard released Wrath Classic servers, I could pay $10 to clone my TBC Hunter just like I’d done with my Classic Era character before it. My plan was to mainly play TBC Classic for the remainder of my time on this planet playing it. I wanted to experience that time in TBC when Hunters were king.

And experience it I did. I parsed so hard on Kara and Gruul’s in Phase 1 that I was ranked between the 3rd and the 5th best Hunter on the server, and held the spot for over 6 months.


I had an absolute blast reliving through TBC. But to my dismay, I was not given the option to clone my character and keep it on a TBC Era server. At this point between the disappointment and the burnout from going so hard on TBC Classic, I put WoW down once again.

Over the last few days, I’ve thought about picking Vishka back up and raiding through ICC with him in Wrath. But… I dunno. As talk of “Cata Classic” ramps up, I’m finding myself experiencing the same sense of “never ending goalpost” apathy I felt the first time Cataclysm came out.

WoW has been a part of my life for almost 20 years at this point. I honestly can’t see myself just quitting and never looking back. To be blunt, I just wanted to put some of my history with the game down on paper in hopes that it would bring some clarity. But in a way I feel more confused than ever.

Have any other long-time players experienced this?


TBC Era with the playerbase’s TBC Classic character clones being made available is the right thing to do.

WotLK Era with the playerbase’s WotLK classic character clones being made available is the right thing to do.

Allowing the playerbase to progress characters from Vanilla Era, TBC Era, and WotLK Era; at their own pace whilst keeping a copy at each expansion is exactly how the three original classic games we all love should be kept and maintained.

There is no other acceptable way to approch the three Classic World of Warcraft games. The playerbase needs to demand respect and proper management of our world.


You ever get bored of screaming the same thing into the void over and over?

And this is why you won’t get what you want. The developers owe you nothing, and sure as hell don’t need to give into someone who is DEMANDING they do something.


No evidence to suggest these exist. You can sit and claim and demand all you want, but it certainly won’t get you anywhere.


There’s always the possibility of a Wrath Era, which may reasonably happen due to Wrath Classic seeming to generally be more popular than TBC was (due to improved class designs, raids, and systems, from what I gather). If it’ll be announced, it’ll likely be at BlizzCon, alongside Cataclysm Classic, likely.

Or maybe they will add some new content to cata and you will have a new experience that you would enjoy. Otherwise I would so no point if you you’re dreading it that much and if you played the game for 20 years you know how it works.

I would’ve preferred TBC to Wrath, but I suppose one can hope.

I plan on playing it or at least trying it.

It was not my favorite xpac but it for sure was not my least favorite xpac.
Maybe this time around I’ll enjoy it more who knows.
I’ll try it for myself and then make my own mind up.

if we go into cata without a wrath server then we are really only going to keep classic forever and hit into craplands on these servers and I’m eventually going to really quit in 20 yrs lol. i do want to try mop tho.
really wish and hope they keep wrath wra, maybe give us hope for a tbc era.

This is the longest boasting post I think I’ve ever seen on these forums.


Solid post, and I agree with mcG’s post.

Paraphrasing my earlier message regarding TBC clones here:

I have no clue what information Blizzard saves, but I noticed when Achieves launched in wrath classic, it updated our lifetime arena PRs, etc - information which could be over 1 year old. Also the item restore system goes back many months in the past - this system is available for all characters in WoW Classic.

I can’t see a character snapshot exceeding 100kb at a generous estimate, especially with items having a 5-digit string. if my guess was accurate, this means 10 million character snapshots could be saved on a single SD card from Walmart.

I don’t think it’s far fetched to expect data storage on such a trivial scale, from a company with a net income over $2 Billion US last year. Again, not saying they saved snaphsots or not, but it certainly seems within their capabilities.

Whether they had the good sense or not to do this is another matter entirely

If it comes off that way, I’m sorry. That wasn’t at all the general feeling I was trying to convey. In fact I mention more than once how many flawed views and takes I had in my earlier days.

I wasn’t trying to boast. I was simply stating the kind of gameplay I took part in. What I was trying to impart was just that I enjoyed the gameplay loop of Classic, namely raiding, more than I do Retail.

Retail just has so much to do in terms of collectibles and vanity content that I get kinda lost in the woods, so to speak.

With Classic and TBC, there was a clear end game with clear goal posts. Retail’s “end game” feels fuzzier to me. It’s like trying to look through the weeds.


That’s much more likely to be a coincidence.

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It isn’t when he said so in a forum post on the old forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey OP
life is all about moving on

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I started playing WoW in 2005. quitted in 2013-2020. Been back on off during shadowlands and now DF since 2021

I would like to think that i too have enjoyed vanilla WoW. I have experienced the joy of getting gear upgrade from ubrs to ZG, AQ etc.

I dont understand blizz decisions and their inner workings regarding classic server as i too used to have the impression that classic would stay classic. TBC would not even be remade. Since we eventually have TBC and WoTLK now, i was surprised that my classic characters were relocated automatically into TBC and then WotLK since i missed the copy opportunities.

Well i missed the copy opportunities because im not that invested into classic anymore which come to my next point that maybe get you interested in retail wow if i may

During 2013-2020 when im away from WoW, i played BDO, FF14, ESO, GW2. Just from my personal experience playing these games tho, i prefer WoW Dragonflight especially. Just PvE though. Made 4 groups of 3 classes that equate to 12 characters with several xmogs with no commitment on schedule.

At any given free time, i can pick any 1 of those 4 groups to just login, do mythic, LFR, , weekly, perfecting xmogs and such

I truly enjoy these activities more than classic, BDO, FF14, ESO, GW2 now and what brought me back to dragonflight

idk i hope you find directions in retail in case blizz just want to be blizz

i was looking at wowhead ref to see if anyone even mentioned you being a ref in that blade but they didn’t lol. usually they explain the meaning of an item or npc but cool if it really did happen. not sure why they nuked the old forums too

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too long to read but no

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I get it. I’ve been playing MMORPGs since 2001 and I don’t play any MMORPG hardly anymore. I only returned to try HC servers, but the same apathy you describe drove me away just after 3 days of playing.

If you haven’t already and are willing, I’d recommend Guild Wars 2. It’s takes a while to get end game gear and even longer to get all Legendaries, but once you do you don’t ever have to again.

Look on the retail page for the item. No one commented about it until MoP or WoD.

Bruh you just posted cringe tbh