Object and architecture flickering: possible fix inside

(Sorelai) #23

GTX1050i - Driver 417.35

(Albricksen) #24

Well I think it’s related to the issue of failed logins, constant disconnects, and massive lag.

I’m not even sure why they’re even bothering with keeping the PTR servers up at this point since the current build is too broken to do basically anything.


I’m running an NVidia card as well GTX1060 Driver 417.35


I am using Nvidia gtx1050ti driver version 417.35 and have the same problem.

(Josefine) #27

Someone further up said they have an AMD.

With how cleanly things are disappearing (ie, no ghosting and such), I’m thinking stuff is getting culled on the cpu before it’s sent to render.


Seems Everyone using the 417.35 is getting this and sadly some aren’t i guess it comes down to Card numbers …Blizz should check on it but it’s a small team now days :wink:

(Righteous) #29

:memo: add me to the list

(Nyalmi) #30

Having this issue as well, it seems to be everything that isn’t the actual terrain,mobs and new portal rooms.

Everything is normal on the live realms.
When I had a bad driver problem it was on the beta and it was doing stuff like this:
https:// bit.ly/2FkALWo
*flashing images and colors here, warning just in case.

That I fixed with an update awhile ago but if it helps I have an AMD Radeon. And this looks a lot cleaner in comparison.


Don’t think we’ll have a Blue look us up . It’s already late in the day and nothing seem to be coming our way . Lack of respect in my opinion we’re all paying customers at least give us "we are looking into it " …


In addition to also having this video card and the graphics flickering, when I exited the game my Windows task bar was missing.


Actually headache inducing, makes the PTR unplayable.


I have a nvidia geforce gtx 970, graphics drivers fully up to date and it does this to me as well.


I was using 398.xx when it first started happening. Given how obvious (to a layman’s eyes) it was a hardware/rendering issue, updating my drivers was one of the first things I did. So I can say in my case at least it is not strictly related to 417.35.


It’s barely playable, considering that everything around you can disappear including the bridge your supposed to be walking on.

RNG terrain.

(Kyzera) #37

I see the issue as well and I’m just using the video card in my laptop (Nvidia GeForce 840M - Driver version: - NOV 2018).

(Svenska) #38

GTX 1060 driver 416.34 and flickering. It’s headache inducing.


Sure would be nice of them to at least address this issue.

(Svenska) #40

Or at least tell us if it’s say, an Nvidia issue or something they need to fix.

(Dæmonjesùs) #41

Its happening for me too and Im using AMD RX580 oc 8GB and updated, Im fine on Live. And have tried to lower everything and change to DX11 and nothing changes.


Same. On a GTX 960 Driver 417.22