Nymue's Spindle trinket tuning

Since you’ve been doing trinket tuning, I want to bring attention to Nymue’s trinket.

To start with, patchwerk vs. dungeon slice did not yield a significant difference. Character is this 467-470 balance druid with a standard M+ build.

What I want to know is if there is something wrong with the sims, because I’m trying to see in what world does it make sense that a 476 trinket is worse than a 441 ilv trinket (Irideus Fragment), and a 483 Nymue spindle is only like 500 dps better than the 441 trinket.

Really, the trinket’s horrendously undertuned if the sims are not having some error.

And that’s assuming ideal circumstance for the trinket, as you cannot move during the channel, moving early stops it and you gain way less mastery from the active use effect, significantly dropping the performance.

I also want to question the 2 minute cooldown. Most specs work on a 1.5 or 3 min cd for casters. Why is this trinket 2 minutes?