Nylotha CE hunter LF raiding guild

Didnt raid 9.0 as hunter but have 8/10M experience CN. Looking for new guild 9.1 preferably east coast and horde.

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Come raid with me.

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im in need of a Hunter lets chat Thebanger#11932

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< Salt Factory > of Arthas is a 2 night a week Cutting Edge Mythic progression guild.

What we offer

An active community of players that run Mythic Plus regularly. A laid back environment that is fun and enjoyable. Progression raiding on a two day schedule that leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy other aspects of the game or life.

What we expect from you

We expect raiding experience in previous tiers of relevant content. All of our raiders are expected to maintain close to 100% attendance during progression content. It should be apparent that you are putting forth the maximum amount of effort in improving your characters effectiveness.

Current Progression
9/10M Castle Nathria
12/12M NYA
7/8M EP
8/9M BOD

Raid Times:
9pm - 12am EST Tuesday (Progression)
9pm - 12am EST Thursday (Progression)
9pm - 12am EST Sunday (optional)

Recruiting Needs
1 Strong DPS that isn’t a mage or warlock.
1 Holy Paladin with strong Ret offspec

Lovecoil (norquandro#1999) [Recruiter]
Swittch (Azazul#1746) [Raid Lead]
Synnth (Ripture#1612) [Raid assist]
Lobine (Lobine#1866) [Raid assist]

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Hey, 9/10M Alliance on Whisperwind, working on P2 of Sire. 8-11 EST every Tuesday and Wednesday. I know you said you’d prefer Horde, so we’d be willing to pay for your swap.

Discord Cav#9559
Bnet Cav#1179

Potency is recruiting!

We are a guild on US-Mal’Ganis who is looking for the last people to fill out team for mythic progression. We are currently 3/10M with 17 permanent members. We are seeking mature, dedicated and mythic ready raiders to fill our ranks for our push into mythic progression. Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 730-1030 CST.

We are looking for the following roles;

  • 1x Warlock
  • 1x Fire Mage
  • 1x Ele and Enh Shaman
  • 1x Shadow priest
  • 1x Hunter
  • Open to exceptional DPS

Our ideal candidate knows the raid on heroic through and through, and is hungry for progression. Our group is strong, were just looking for candidates with the right vibe to fill out our roster.

Think your a good match? add me on

bnet: NotoriousJ#1185

resurgence bleeding hollow US horde

weds/thurs 8-11 pm est

6/10M 7% council pulls


Hey, reaching out from a 9/10M Horde guild on Area 52. Looking to add another MM Hunter to our roster and finish the patch with CE. We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun from 8-11PM EST.

Discord: polms#6136

yo check us out