Now is the time to strike! (Fresh Servers)

New World is delayed.

Corepunk is delayed.

Ashes of Creation is forever away…

This is a golden opportunity. Give us something. It doesn’t have to be perfect in this iteration. Make whatever quality of life changes you can, but just get us some FRESH servers going into early September.

Everyone is memeing on Blizzard right now, but they don’t have to have the last laugh… Let’s turn the last portion of this year around with a nice solid FRESH launch. Let people get established on the new servers NOW. That way when other games release later on in this year and early next you won’t be competing directly with them.

Any thoughts?!


Won’t matter, New World is just a better game. Fresher, better combat, no tab targeting, no Perma stun to death classes, and beautiful top of the line graphics, and crafting that feels oh so right.

Blizzard should have seen this day coming, and should have been putting the finishing touches on WOW2 or a Diablo or StarCraft MMO… Now they will just have to take a back seat.

And before someone says New world is not even that good, thousands of beta tester would disagree with you, including this one. The hype is real.

Feels like that old changing of the guard when EverQuest 2 launched and WOW Open Beta came out around the same time. And we all know what happened there…


“wow sucks (other game) is better!”

and yet you still have an active wow sub


Yeah, you people said the same thing about SWTOR. And Rift. And Guild Wars 2. And…etc.

literally every single new MMORPG after 2005 was hailed as the “wow killer” and literally 0 of them managed to kill wow

keep seething

People are pimpin New World? lol

Combat is the worst part about New World. WoW Combat is SO much smoother, responsive. New World would actually be a good game if the combat didn’t feel so terrible. There’s nothing wrong with tab target combat when it’s executed as well as WoW does it.

I’m going to play New World assuming there’s nothing else to play, as it should be a decent bit of fun in the interim, but there’s absolutely no way it’s going to keep the momentum/numbers it gets at launch.

I agree with the sentiment that ‘now is the time to strike’ (not even because of reasons you mentioned from external forces but I like where your head is at :slight_smile: )
As Bliz does NOT have a very good track record of making game play /fun improvements via QoL (like LFR, and Boosts, etc) I defer to the #nochanges narrative. I 1000% agree we need a FRESH but for reasons of: Cost, Simplicity, drama in the company; it’s best to simply relaunch what they already have exactly as it is now with the caveat THIS SERVER WILL NEVER PROGRESS! A ‘Forever’ Server. I made a post feel free to check it out.

graphics are overrated. Minecraft says so. Plus that’s a hacker slasher.