November’s Trading Post is Out of this World

November’s Trading Post is Out of this World

New class armor sets and weapon sets are available for the Monk, Warlock, and Warrior in this month’s Trading Post offerings. This month’s signature item— Arsenal: Cosmic Weapons Cache—is out of this world.

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wow, very underwhelming. Right before Blizzcon, too. Sad.


The monthly reward looks like questing greens???


To be fair, so does everything else.

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I’m glad they at least took the feedback from the Elune weapons to heart. Having the reward contain 3 different weapon types means a significantly larger percentage of characters will be able to utilize some part of it.

I dig the staff, might make a mog for it on this character later.


Swift Zhevra <3


Wow a fan you will never see except on the character selection screen.


Blizzard double posted, reported for spam!

Just kidding.

Also, that Luxurious Niffen Hat is bonkers. I love it.


Bit of a disappointing weapon set for that month’s monthly reward imo, would it kill them to open up more weapon types for that kind of stuff?

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Right. Why do monks even have visuals for their weapons anyway? Especially fist weapons. Literally never see them. Other weapons just become back-decor. Why isn’t this an option, a toggle, to turn weapons on or off? Surely it must be simple enough to do.

It’s kind of like why can’t characters toggle to turn weapons to cross on the back or hang at the waist? Why isn’t this just an option?

It’s all pretty much meh. Nothing of any real interest. Patiently waiting on bikini mogs that will never show up.


Oh come on you guys are such bummers. The lock stuff looks GOOD


I don’t know, Standard of the Guardian kinda gives me Atiesh vibes. I think that’s a must buy.

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One of my biggest wishes is for monks to get a “weapon toggle” that makes their abilities use the damn things. They can change the ability names slightly to match or not, it doesn’t matter, I just want my monk to smack people with a cudgel.


Not a bad month. Probably get the weapons for Warrior and Warlock, the hood+cloak, and maybe that two-handed hammer.

But that’s the point, you don’t even buy that one, it’s just the free reward for running around and earning tenders.

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If you have a sec, go into WoWhead dressing room/view in 3d and see what they look like on a male orc. The shoulders are pretty great.

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loving this kind of simple stuff. More of this, please.

Been waiting on this since before the system went live…


Looks at staff*

“From the earth, he draws strength, our earth, our strength”

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