Notre Dame on Fire!

;_; this gives me a sadness I can’t even describe. Such a gorgeous building with thousands of priceless artworks in flames. My heart goes out to France. Imma go cry for a while. :frowning:


In a very very small silver lining to this, from what I read the cathedral was under renovations so most of the priceless artifacts inside were saved.

But that’s the thing with priceless artifacts, just losing one is a tragedy in of itself.


Sadly, the real artifact is the building itself.


I guess this new Game of Thrones season is off to a great start.

The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed, but I assure you… My resolve has never been stronger!

It’s worth noting that although the damage was immense, much of it was also reserved to the wooden and concrete filler elements added in one of the larger 19th century renovations. And, whilst still beautiful, those elements weren’t exactly the original pieces and were even met with some degree of criticism from proponents of gothic architecture at the time. Perhaps they might use this reconstruction as an opportunity to rebuild it in all the more beauty and also receive the funding to preserve such a wonder as it rightly deserves.

The Cathedral was quite literally falling apart as it stood only a few months ago (you can search up videos that show the extent of the damage of time to the masonry, they even had to strap a few statues to the wall to keep them from breaking off), so this might honestly might spare the structure from some other disaster rendered by time given the public outcry and care for it now that it’s in the spotlight.

It’s unfortunate, but Notre Dame has been steadily ailing for years, perhaps now there can be a more concerted effort to conserve the history there and ensure that it meets the legendary standards of those who spent centuries building it as well.


The other silver lining here is that two billionaires just donated a little over 300 million euros to the project- she’ll get the love she rightly deserves.


Edit: Hijacked post was removed. Anyway, glad things are on the up and up for ye olde Notre Dame. <3

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