Notice: Test Character Wipe Incoming

During Beta maintenance tomorrow morning (August 5), we intend to delete all test characters in the Shadowlands Beta.

Once the Beta realms are live with the new build of the Shadowlands Beta, please copy your test character(s) over and start with the quest “A Chilling Summons”.

All of the means by which content can be skipped (flaskataurs) will also be removed.

Thank you!


Does this mean there will be no more level 60 templates?

Good. I started leveling a copied character a bit into Bastion but I do want to know what it’ll feel like in the mid 50s when stats really fall off. So far Bastion with ilvl 136 a little too easy, but I also understand that is the new way leveling is being balanced for end-game players.

My understanding is such, yes. They probably want to go back to testing leveling/quests/scaling and with a level 60 Covenant template people aren’t, so they are forcing us to, in a way.

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Will copies include Death Knights and Demon Hunters?

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Not to sound overly difficult, but I’m going to point out that with 0 Conduits and only 1 functional Legendary in the current beta builds, the vast majority of Rogue Shadowlands mechanics will be untested before removal of the vendors.

This seems rather unfortunate. I don’t really know how we are expected to confirm functionality once we finally get finished mechanics in-game if we have to grind out items one at a time just to see how and if they work.


Would love some update on DK/DH copies

dk copies are working for at least some people but dh is currently none that I have heard of. (guildie copied a dk)

So how exactly are we supposed to test Covenant abilities, Conduits, Soulbinds, and Legendaries for a single class (let alone multiple classes you may want to try) without leveling 4 of each class from 50-60? They haven’t done tuning on the Covenant abilities yet, and Theorycrafters need to make sure that the abilities are working properly post-changes (if there are any), but this will now require many hours leveling on the Beta.

Not to mention, any future raid/dungeon/pvp testing will now require you to level 4 characters per class, as you lose the Covenant Ability whenever you leave that specific zone while leveling (at least it worked that way previously).

Can we at least swap our Covenants at-will until much closer to launch so we can properly test things on a single character?

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So will this possibly fix the Mac crash bug?

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I feel this is a rather large mistake to do this at this point.

Legendary Concerns:
6 out of 12 classes do not have all 16 Legendaries testable.
One Spec, Subtlety Rogue has not had a single Legendary testable on the vendor.
Many specs only have 3 out of 4 or 2 out of 4 Legendaries testable on the vendor.
The Generic Legendaries have not been testable.
With the vendors removed, this means weeks long grinds for Soul Ash, Professions being required to be leveled for the base Legendary items and Inscription Stat Runes, Recipes obtained from Unknown Sources.
It leaves many things untestable.

Class Change Testing Concerns:
There are fresh rounds of class changes announced, for Shadow Priest this week, and hopefully many other classes in the coming weeks; which will require Covenants, Soulbinds, Conduits, and Legendaries to test fully.
This will not be possible.

Raid Testing Concerns:
With more raid testing on the way, (i presume), how is this going tune the raid correctly?
When we now have level 50 characters with excessive endgame stats, and none of the Shadowlands Systems: Covenants, Soulbinds, Conduits, and Legendaries.

Some may do the full 50-60 leveling experience, but to do that, and then the Professions and Torghast leveling for a single Legendary?
And Campaigns for Soulbind and Conduit unlocks?
It’s a lot of content effort which many won’t engage with, leading to rough tuning.

Conduit Revamp Concerns:
What about the big Conduit Revamp that is due this week’s build?
2 out of 12 classes do not have Conduits Implemented on Flaskataurs.
At least 6 out of 12 classes do not have full Conduits implemented for every Covenant ability.
Now rather locked behind the requirements to level and choose Covenants on fresh characters.
Will we see the sources of Conduits?
If all the Flaskataurs are gone, how do we test this new Conduit Collection system?

I strongly think there is a case for Level 60 Character Premades and Flaskataur skips to remain while Classes and Shadowlands Systems remain in flux.


so for many classes/specs there are still a lot of issues (that have been reported, but not commented on) and still need testing - especially classes like rogues. Removing vendors etc completely removes the possibility of testing how things work for many, especially this late into the testing cycle as some (myself included) do not have the time to level up 4 characters per class and test due to work. It would be very nice to be able to actually beta test classes/specs still, so that they do not have things that go unreported/unnoticed.


Thanks for the heads up, Kaivax! :slight_smile: Looking forward to testing more tomorrow after the maintenance.

Just a quick question however. With the character wipe, Will our deleted characters be removed as well that we may have used for testing?

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Considering how much is still broken or even straight up not in the game yet (especially covenant stuff), this feels at least 2-3 months too early to narrow down the testing like this.

Gives me the feeling that Blizzard is going to push out a half-finished expansion just to get it on the shelves as quickly as possible…

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Blizz… I get that its Beta testing so not as high priority but that doesnt mean you should completely disregard the schedule you put forth without any announcements. When is the beta maintenance? When is the wipe? Everything is still live. It said this morning. It’s almost noon and they havent even started to take servers down.

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They’re on the west coast, and it’s 9:33 AM, so it’s still morning for them.

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Servers gone offline


You wiped the Characters but not the GUILDS and now no one has control of them nor can we remake them since they already exist.

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Based on the last round through a Mythic geared character (which is somewhat easier to reach with the Visions rewarding gear) doesn’t get upgrades until around level 57-58 (Late Ardenweald/Early Ravendreth). Azerite Armor/Cloak/Neck are different as Cloak and Neck are both fairly high ilvl and the cloak has a nice proc, the Azerite Armor isn’t necessarily higher than other items but the stat allocation doesn’t include secondaries so you have to see how it is for your class. It seemed quite smooth even as gear became upgradeable through quest rewards and (at least as afflock) I was able to handle fairly decent pulls.

Worth noting that Corruption is disabled but the actual effects of them currently are not. So all that +haste or +crit or whatever is all still there at no penalty. This isn’t gonna be super representative of what it’ll be like in SL until they fix that.