Not the best week for mythic + as a healer


He’s also not a healer that has to deal with quaking/bursting :smiley:

(Lucilux) #15

Doing a 13 AD earlier. We died over 40 times and over timed it by 15 mins. Quaking had done 3 million damage per person, Bursting had done 2 million damage per person. 15 Million Damage per person in 45 mins. Just because these two line up that was an extra 15 Million Damage per person I had to heal. And we didn’t go above 3 bursting stacks at any given point.

This week is a pain for healers. And an even bigger pain if DPS don’t know how to not stagger Bursting. Over 60% of the healing done was JUST for Bursting / Quaking.


spoken like someone who does not heal M+

(Nowise) #17

He plays dps; prob gets carried

(Resherin) #18

Having to blow 70k hps just to heal a pack which might have taken 25-35k hps any other week…Yes I would say it’s pretty bad!

(Nowise) #19

Bursting really exemplifies how in tune the dps is with the the rest of the group. It’s incumbent on them to stop dps and self heal or pot beyond 3-4 stacks or whatever the healer can handle.

It’s definitely the most counterintuitive affix. Stopping dps will actually make the run go more quickly (i.e. not wiping).


and like grievous the bursting affix is great at demonstrating which of your dps have all their self-healing buttons (except poor mages) keybound to help out the healer and avoid dying, eg. vivify for windwalker monks

i’ve seen the lack of such important keybinds/spell use even in 1.5k+ people, extremely common

(Karandel) #21

This is my biggest gripe. Quaking bursting doesn’t just affect the way that you play the dungeon, it does more damage than the total amount of damage you would take on any other week. It significantly slows you ability to pull in a timely manner and just the fact that I have to wait 3 seconds after each pull before I can even sit to drink is frustrating. Of course when I can finally sit, quaking happens.

I hope the sadistic dbag who thought this is fine understands what a negative experience this creates. Everyone I speak with agrees that it’s manageable with precise execution, but it’s just not fun, on many levels. I feel like it turns the thing I find most fun about this game, into the thing I dislike the most. For an entire week.

(Galien) #22

Speaking from personal experience I can say that it is so easy to end up blowing yourself away this week especially if you have reaping trigger mid pack and someone goes nuclear with the aoe because quaking will pick off people if bursting doesn’t

(Zérgling) #23

I bought a ton of health pots to help my poor healers out this week

(Loriginale) #24

Are you not using them outside of bursting week ???

I did a 15 AD tuesday. Barely timed it but hey… And this dummy DH could not stop on the saurid packs. Barely any interrupts on the casters. The guy also claimed he was holding back. Lmao, I had him on focus.What a liar .

I mean, ive seen 1.8k+ Rio score not being able to do simple mechanics, like stacking or just remember their place in the interrupt order.

Tldr: get gud, not the rogue i quoted,everone need to get gud, myself included.


Did you pull 1 thing at a time, and crowd control the biggest elite and pull back the lesser ones to pick them off, or did you just “big rick and aoe it down”

(Nzete) #26

If grievous dropped when out of combat and quaking didn’t happen when out of combat, this would be a totally different experience from a healer perspective.

(Lucilux) #27

I’d love to be able to pull 1 Saurid at a time. But they come in a pack of 5 (Not including the screamer)

The pack near the door, unless you have 2 undead CC’s you have to pull a minimum of 2. More often then not CC’s get removed anyway due to tight space.

Pack in front of the Priestess Boss, you have to pull multiple. As soon as you taunt one, the rest run to you.

And I played the Healer, not the DPS. Not like I had much of choice if the DPS decided to go stupid face and attack everything. I’d have to pick up the pieces of idiot DPS who don’t understand affixes.


I still don’t get why Blizzard hasn’t done this, I guess none of the devs play a healer class.


Cant tell if 100% trolling.

Considering that you deplete 10s and have never completed anything beyond a 12 Id say this is a much bigger challenge for you than the other posters.

(Nzete) #32

I thought that the former blogger of http: // iam.yellingontheinternet. com/ (a delightful healer blog that I read regularly) stopped writing about healing in WoW because he went to work for Blizzard - I think that he is Lore. However, the gentleman of the blog played a resto druid.

(Karandel) #33

TL:DR: Quaking is poorly designed and needs to be dropped as an affix.

I’ve tried to think about how that would play out. Quaking has a 20 second cd and probably has something like a 90% chance to proc when the cd is up. Sometimes you get a brief respite when it skips one cast, but this can actually be a downside to the mechanic. With a timer mod you find yourself waiting to eat until quaking, but if it skips you’ve just been waiting for nothing.

To that point though, players who don’t have a timer mod can constantly get caught out by it, which is diabolical. For example, tank pulls and quaking starts; now casters can’t precast, the group starts the encounter at a 20% health deficit and the healer is immediately on the back foot. Without a timer you can’t play around the affix, it just happens, and far too many times that prevents me from healing someone who desperately needs it, taking all control out of my hands. Being helpless in a game is a rotten feeling.

My biggest concern with making it cease out of combat is that many boss abilities are probably scheduled to occur on a timer that would line up directly with quaking. Overlap would be inevitable. If the timer was randomized you’d probably never get a drink off and getting food buffs after a death would probably be even more infuriating than it is now.

Personally I think it needs to be dropped as an affix. Preferably from a great distance, on top the head of the ding-dong who invented it.

Last week, Siege had a 3% success rate for the top 1000 keys. ML was 5%. All thanks to how Bolstering make trash mechanics, that do upwards of 70% health per hit, and ramped them up to one-shots.

This week the same dungeons’ success rates are trending downward, which I expect to drop dramatically over the weekend where more keys are run, precisely for the same reasons: mobs that have abilities that hit for massive percentage of a players health, such as Rock Lance, or Merciless Assault often line up with Bursting or Quaking, or both and simply dunk players in the graveyard faster than they can blink.

A 3% success rate, among the TOP 1000 runs, not the lower brackets of lesser geared, or prepared players, is just not right, in my opinion. It’s fine for solo activities like the mage tower. Where a player can adapt and progress until they complete it. For group content, where the party members are constantly in flux, where blame is far too easy to assign and resentment too easy to foster, is deadly to the community. Challenge is good, but when it leads to 97% failure rates, especially when it comes in the form of uncounterable, unavoidable affixes, it’s demoralizing and detrimental to the health of mythic plus and game as a whole.

I don’t want a free ride, but I don’t want to be tied to the bumper and dragged across the instance on my face.


I’d expect the top 1000 runs to be at the limits of the players’ abilities, and thus more likely to fail. And to be clear, you’re talking about timer success, right, not actual clearing the instance success?


I think it’s Hamlet (I’m probably wrong). But he probably has nothing to do with the 5 man design.