Not sure if anyone can help with this: but weapon glow

Just curious and I have my settings all maxed out on ultra but maybe I am missing something here. But when I “preview” weapon enchant glows they are vivid, bright and full of effect. But when I transmog them and go "into the game’ they lose alot of the effect and look kinda dull and washed out.

Any setting, command, or add on to fix this?

I have noticed this too. I think the issue is the distance you are viewing it from. It looks bright and vivid when you’re right next to it in the tmog window, but once you get in game you are looking at it from a lot further away. Some areas have atmosphere effects like rain or smoke which can add to this and I think you can adjust those in settings.

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even super zoomed it no better but, could be the way the effects work in certain environments, shame some of the glows are awesome in there “natural transmog widow” state but once applied look like bland.

What class are you on at the time. Is it this monk?

Its my rogue: I transmog my daggers to Stormsteel dagger with netherflame enchant. In the window they are like crackling and popping with black mist and energy with the purple glow. When I apply it that stuff is still there very way less intense/vivid

I think it has something to do with character model scaling… more specifically, the character model scales but the effect particles don’t. So in the preview pane the model is probably rendered at a smaller scale than your character is in the world, resulting in more of the preview’s weapon being covered in glow particles since the weapon is smaller but the particles aren’t.

You can observe this effect in action by using something that shrinks your character model, e.g. Noggenfogger Elixir. While your character is shrunken apparent effect intensity is much higher.


The effects usually look a lot more pronounced in the ‘preview’ window than they do in game, so… the only way, unfortunately, to really find out what effects will look good in game on your character is to actually mog the effect and then see how it looks on you.

So there’s an issue with some weapon and abilities that causes enchants to basically disappear. Off the top of my head, fel rush and howling blast are the top offenders as they have a weapon glow attached which overrides the enchant until you go through a loading screen.

I only play sin rogue so I don’t think I’ve seen it before on that class. But other specs might have something like that.

However, based on what you’re saying, I imagine this is a different kind of bug. Sometimes when something like this happens, deleting your cache folder can help. Don’t worry, the game makes a new one immediately and you won’t lose your settings. I would try that first.

Just tried that: not sure if its my tired brain playing tricks or not but they look…better! not as good as the preview window but better!

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That might be the scaling. If it’s up close and personal without other graphics also effecting the area, it’ll always look better. Mine do too.

But I’m glad to hear they look better. Always worth remembering to delete your cache folder if something weird is going on that you can’t seem to figure out.

I had a similar problem with my profession windows causing me to have a sudden fps tank. It was weird. Deleted my cache and reopened WoW and suddenly it was fixed.

Keep in mind the dressing rooms are very dark in contrast to the highlighted character. So you’re basically seeing max possible effect in the lowest possible lighting.

Didn’t know how to contact you otherwise since I didn’t get Beta access but Long arm of the law post is still there. It was just in a very long post with almost all the other classes but it still exist.

Ah, I was expecting it to be in the pally discussion. I’ll change my post. Thanks for finding this for me.

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How strange. I know no one else has said tgis in the thread, but i actually experience the opposite: weapon enchants always look duller in the preview, and it isnt until i actually mog it onto the “real” weapon i see the enchant in its full sparkly brilliance.

Unfortunately they reduced the weapon “glow” way back in Legion. Wish they would change it back :frowning: