Not so Sober Citizens Brigade

Ok Blizzard, it’s time to investigate the spawn of this World Quest or even just start force spawning it when the Tiragarde Assault is up. I’ve been watching the forums and have been tracking the assault quests myself throughout 2020, this quest has not been available since May 12th, or 17 consecutive Tiragarde Assaults.

There could be a real problem with the spawn of this quest, please investigate. Remember that you need to see this quest a minimum of 3 different times with the right RNG (so likely many more) to complete the related achievement.

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Also there’s a Toy that requires tagging three different NPCs, only one of whom is up (sometimes) in an assault. And yeah, this WQ hardly ever seems to happen anymore.

Yes, I need one NPC still, and this quest doesn’t spawn since May.

Finally got the third NPC after a year of doing this WQ anytime I saw it up (which isn’t often).