Not okay with the transfers!

Not okay with there transfers at all!!! All of Netherwing is mad about this, it’s going to cause MAJOR faction imbalance on out server!!! This is NOT the right think to do to our new vanilla servers!!! First layering and now this?! You’ve got to be kidding me blizzard, give it another month at least. This is wrong, so wrong. It’s not right what you guys are doing.



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They said they’re going to begin offering free transfers off of the biggest Classic servers. Netherwind is one of the receiving realms.


eversomuch this.


oh cool can they do that on low pop wow servers if they wont combine servers officially. that would make getting mythic raid teams together on some servers much easier

And then other people would complain that Blizzard isn’t doing anything to fix the server queues.

They’re only doing it because those servers have queues upwards of several thousand people.

There’s no real incentive to do it on retail.

except it could remove the dead servers with populations too low to form guilds or raid teams.

both under and over population create a bad player experience. If blizz can give free xfers to get away from one why cant they provide free xfers for the other?

It’s something that they had to do. They’d lose too many players who were tired of waiting.


It’s almost like, deja vu!

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Gee. They’ve never done this before.


Classic has it’s own forum.


Because retail has cross server raiding already outside of Mythic which accounts for 1-2% of the player base. You can literally que Mythic+, Arena, RBGs, and anything up to Heroic level cross realm not to mention LFD/LFR. Server communities don’t exist in retail unless you’ve chosen to play on a high pop server and even then it’s a shell of what it once was.

You’re just complaining to complain. Classic is completely based around server community and that’s why people love it so much. This makes low pop/new servers bigger immediately while ensuring the servers people are leaving will regulate so there isn’t a 3 hour que every night during prime time.

TL;DR get over it.

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This is funny.

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This was also very common back in classic. Constantly full servers would often find themselves open for free transfers out.

This will also have little to no impact on faction balance.

Because one makes a bad situation better, and the other makes a bad situation worse.

I dont understand why they dont make a new realm for Incid and Thaln to go to like they did Faer and Herod. Netherwind doesnt want or need these transfers.

My friends refused to reroll on a smaller server without a 3 hour queue so I was stuck waiting 3 hours a night to play. I’ve been praying for transfers since launch.

You say your server is not okay with it and throwing a hissy fit but you domt have to wait in 7-9k people ques.