Not feeling the monk after returning [Help]


I decided to come back a while back and level up all my toons to 60. When I reached to the monk. I noticed how terrible it plays. There are so many abilities with CD’s that takes the enjoyment out of the game. I’m a hekili user. Since the game has drastically changed and abilities have increased. I like to keep up with rotations that are optimum.

I chose Windwalker for obvious reason leveling up. I know Chi Burst was never instant. You would think they’d change it. Here is the rotation.

Chi Burst [30 Second Cooldown]
First of the white tiger
Expel Harm [15 second cooldown]
Rising Sun Kick [9.1 second cooldown]
Tiger Palm
Blackout Kick
Fist of Fury [22 second cooldown]

You have 3 abilities on long CD’s. While they are on CD. You don’t have enough Chi for other abilities. I just find this spec a bit annoying and confusing. How does the Brewmaster fair in leveling? I remember it was fun leveling as DPS. MEH! Leave it to Blizzard to screw things up. Monk Melee class should not have abilities on CD’s only for buffs. For crying out loud. It’s a Melee class.

I like ww monk. Don’t cap energy don’t over cap chi and don’t waste black out kick’s cooldowns reduction.

I would get rid of mark of the crane and that’s about it. Maybe allow spells to be cast during Fist of fury but that would be super strong in pvp.

Brew can be fairly efficient for leveling because you can round up 5+ mobs at once and burn them all down in packs. And with energy, we have infinite free heals afterward, so no need for food breaks. Admittedly, it’s not the fastest way to kill mobs, but when you’re pulling many st s time it makes up for it. Plus soloing elites is way easier. It’s just slow.

Pro: tank always available for dungeons!
Con: the tank is you