Not enjoying Dragonflight

I know I am late to the party but just got Dragonflight nearly a week ago. So far I am not really enjoying it. With my main rogue it just feels too different and has a much slower buildup and wait time than it was back in Legion. Sure that could just be a me thing where I need to learn the new system but the talent system feels great but also lackluster. A lot of the abilities I am used to having are now locked away in the talent tree. I just feels, well, meh that I have to figure out the best path when there are so much only to find out that the path I took is the least amount of damage or I am missing a skill I am fond of. Again, that could just be a me issue and no one else has it or have gotten so used to the system that they know what to take and every similar class has that excate path.

What makes the game really unfun for me is the lack of players being involved in the world. A lot of people are focused on getting their character the best gear possible so they are just working for themselves or other people still trying to reach max level is just using dungeon finder until they get there. It feels like the community is lackluster and you can say that is a me issue but with how the game works today I feel like it is all the functions in the game that just supports more towards that game style. DF doesn’t really fix that issue and that was the main issue that caused me to quit WoW back in Shadowland.

I understand that a lot of people are or have enjoyed this. I am just wondering what part of it makes it enjoyable.


Open world has only been for leveling since… well, forever. At max level, the game has always moved indoors.


Do I enjoy DF… No, not really, is it better than Shadowlands? I suppose…
Would I suggest the expansion to others? Absolutely not.


ya but it has had more personality in the past. Today its jumping from one quest marker to the next. There is no journey and the journey is most of the fun.


I see.

I’d argue that’s because Blizzard cut the game’s heart out by removing the Horde/Alliance dynamic.


Pre 10.1 was amazing. The first few months was some of the best time in WoW I have ever had. It is still okay but the world events that made 10.0 so great are gone or almost no one does them. Soup before they screwed with it was epic. Tons of people. Tons of memes and jokes. Now it is horrible and maybe a few people if lucky. Combine that with the horrible upgrade gear system added in 10.1 that drove away tons of people…

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They cut the heart out by pruning the original dev team.

Nothing the current wow team can do will hit because they’re just doing a job, not creating their own intimate vision


Well they’ve always done that from time to time. We fight against each other, then we fight together. then against, then together. Sort of like real life countries.

I heard once that when General Eisenhower took over command of allied forces in Europe the problem he had was that while the French were not too happy about Germany overrunning their country, to a man they hated the British.

I love it. Dragonflying, the talent systems, crafting, content - all of it.


I would argue you’re wrong there seeing as the vast majority of leveling and post leveling quests never had anything to do with the faction split. Yeah it popped up occasionally, but generally speaking, it didn’t come up. Even in BFA, while lvling through all the zones horde or alliance the faction war would be mentioned occasionally, but it was by no means the main or even secondary focus of any of the zones.

At most in any one zone the faction war only ever got a small pvp quest hub, or a quest chain or 2 pertaining to it.

You like the current story??

Don’t compare it to bfa or shadowlands please genuinely interested in your opinion

What did Horde players do while leveling in Hellfire Peninsula?
Horde quests for Horde NPC’s in Horde towns.

What did Alliance players do while leveling in Hellfire Peninsula?
Alliance quests for Alliance NPC’s in Alliance towns.

Repeat in Wrath.

Repeat in Cata.

Repeat in Mists.

Repeat in WoD.

It wasn’t until Legion that Blizzard went with the “Alliance experience for everyone” model they’re using, now.

They cut the amount of content in half.

And people cheer them for it.

I didn’t say faction war, I said Horde/Alliance dynamic.


I’m talking about having Horde content for Horde players and Alliance content for Alliance players.



It is interesting in hearing about how updates seem to have driven off other people. Maybe that is why the game feels pretty empty. I am also not saying how can anyone enjoy this expac, if you enjoy it then that is great. As to why you enjoy it, well that remains a mystery to me.

I guess my main issue is that I played way back as a teenager in 2004 and have lots of memories that involve playing with other players. Today state, even a few years back, has been feeling like the game is changing so much to prevent that kind of stuff from happening. I think what made WoW so great was the community, like people doing weddings, setting up small parties to just hang out, setting up a small take over of the enemies town/city, and so on. Just feels like all of that is a thing of the past that can never be recaptured.

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I agree and disagree:

  1. The Pro of the cut means different stories focused upon other things aside from the basic concept which has been reiterated in three different games and several expansions.
  2. The Con is that this would imply there’re many threats in which to distract both nations from war. Which invalidates the concepts of PVP to a minor degree and any hostilities as well to a minor degree. The fact that two factions remain instead of one after one saw to nearly a complete collapse which was resolved by a literal coup de tat and abandonment of leadership, is beyond me.
    Would I love more focus upon faction wars. Indeed, and if not, a new faction which is tough enough to keep the Horde and Alliance parted from aiding each other. And only by the individual power and eventual armistice to form into one is this new faction pushed aback. But, that’s just me!

personally, Im enjoying most of the questing and casual aspect of it.
I havent run dungeons much or raids at all yet.

You kind of came in at a big lul too unfortunately. It’s 6 months into the current patch. Not to mention it is a mid expansion patch over the summer which has alot of people MIA until 10.2.

Most guilds are done raiding and most people achieved their targets in M+ and PvP.

Like most peoole mentioned, the majority of the experience (whether we like it or not) is in the endgame. It’s still pretty fun with a grp of friends but not so much playing solo or pugging, unless that is your thing.

I’d still put these first 2 patches of Dragonflight above BFAs and Shadowlands first two patches. It’s a decent expansion thus far.

Which for the most part hard very little to do with the alliance.

Which had very little to do with the horde.

Again, vast majority of quests have nothing to do with the faction split. “But we got our own quests” … So what? The quests that aren’t direct overlaps are almost always similar on both sides, with the difference being what’s being killed and/or collected.

You mean the xpac that almost everyone said was good narratively? Say it ain’t so.

Point is, the faction split, was barely ever relevant to the open world, and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves, pining for days that never existed.

I really enjoyed the dragon-riding. I feel like its easily the best addition in a long while.

But once you’re done with it, you’re kinda done with it. Not enough customization to keep me busy with it, not nearly enough. It needs to be more like transmog lol, in order for me to stick with it. There’s just too few options at the moment, and small stuff like ears I’m not really gonna want to work towards.

There’s no multiplayer racing really (it exists, just never pops) because that’s dead. It’s a real shame.

Would’ve loved to see some racing titles and stuff, but for against other players rather than the time-trials. They’re neat, just not the main thing I was looking forward to.

The rest of the expansion is basically more of the same WoW, which is fine for what it is, except for PvP lol- we are absolutely starved for content, and queue times are long.

I’m sure PvE is fine, it almost always is.

Tell me you never played on a PVP server without telling me you never played on a PVP server.

Tell me you didn’t read my entire post without telling me you didn’t read my entire post.