"NOT A BUG" List from the Beta Forum

(Maichan) #47

lol, seriously. “Creature respawn rates are much slower than in Battle for Azeroth.”
Did someone really stated BFA in his bug report?

(Metrohaha) #48
  • Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.

Wow, gg Paladins then huh?
That was working incorrectly on private this whole time?
Damn, that’s a pretty crushing blow for Prot Paladins who were using it to game massive heals and weapon procs.

Just kind of gets thrown out casually by Blizzard.
Uh oh.


Has Blizzard confirmed that the hitbox in the twitch clip of two taurens dueling is accurate? Or is that merely the result of having two very large hitboxes interacting with each other?

Has anyone tested Tauren hitbox things with smaller hitbox targets?

What I want to know if the value in that clip is accurate for all combat, or if that is just merely the result of two large hitboxes interacting with each other.

(Abruek) #50

It never worked to begin with.

We want an authentic experience, don’t we?


If only that’s what we were getting.

Still, it’s good to hear, and some of the examples they gave makes “warts and all” slightly more believable. I just wish they were more consistent with their application of it.

It was fixed by then. It only took a few times of Ironforge being wiped out completely before Blizzard said “Yeah, that needs to stop.” Same with Kazzak and Stormwind.

Makes me sad.

(Caelle) #52

I believe these lists may be the most amusing thing to come out of beta.

(Metrohaha) #53

Do we? Ive been playing the way i described on my paladin for the better part of 5 years?

At some point, i have to wonder authentic to what? To the product that changed 10 times in a year and a half, or the product everyone has been playing for the last 5 plus years that has never changed intentionally and is the reason for this product coming about.

Obviously i would want blizzard to be true to their source but, i am getting more and more worried about imbalances that will likely arise from these small differences.

Lets hope its for the best, because a product like this really has a shelf life. If end game isn’t interesting or properly engaging, what will people be doing a year from now or more?


5 years on a private server doesn’t mean Blizzard should change it…

Just because you got used to a bad facsimile doesn’t mean we have to.


The whole point is to get the accurate game back. Things will be different.

(Metrohaha) #56

If you say so. I’m just saying, these 50/50 type changes that no one really knows if they were one way or another can cast a stone that will ripple into a monster effect.

Prot Paladins just got a major nerf with this, and they were already in a tenuous state.

Let’s hope more “NOT A BUGS” don’t come out that will significantly alter PVE.

The reason its an issue in the first place is because its all based on Nostalrius, who had a very scientific approach to creating their server.
If they found evidence of something, they altered it.

This was something that, presumably, they found evidence of it working a certain way, so they left it.
Now all of a sudden, Blizzard says they were wrong?

Can we see the proof of this? Because Nostalrius has all the proof on their github before it was taken down.

But that’s all I have to say about that for now.
A small issue, but one that can compound in a big way.


You’re doubting Blizzard’s credibility and you’re a forum MVP?



Authentic to the thing those private servers has been trying to emulate.

Blizzard does. They have the data.

From what? The holy grail private server baseline? Get out of here, I contribute to those projects. We should all be praying Classic is as different from that as possible.

That’s a major assumption. So your stance is “because it’s this way at Nost, they clearly found proof”, when there’s actually a higher chance that it’s that way because that was their best guess.

Lol @ “all of a sudden”. Use “suddenly”.

Seriously mate, go get Nosts server code and spin up your own server, sounds like you want that more than Classic.

(Caelle) #59

Amusing. So you don’t really want the real version but your private server version simply because its what you have become accustomed to. I wondered just how long it would take to see this stance start leeching out.

Blizzard has an up and running version of 1.12 they are using to compare too. This isn’t guess work or some private server guy deciding he liked something better and left it that way.


Even blizzards forums are sharded. :grin:


They’re not. Blizzard has a perfect 1.12 client and server reference. These changes are genuinely what it was. The only people who are saying it wasn’t are referencing a different game.

Private Server Prot Paladins should never have gotten that exploit in the first place. That’s the point.

I don’t “remember” private servers, so any changes they made are not my Vanilla.

Blizzard is not using any of Nostalrius code or settings.

Yes. Because they are.

(Curt) #62

I find it ironic that they bring back bugs, after stating that benefit of blizzard remake is bug fixes.

And they wonder why players don’t trust them. They change minds in a whim, why would anyone trust them.


They brought back non game breaking things that we repeatedly asked for. You know “an authentic experience”

(Metrics) #64

Man that is hilarious. WHy on earth would you want retarded bugs like that in the game? I am only interested in vanilla for the RPG experience, but some of that stuff is annoying and adds nothing beneficial to gameplay. Rose tinted glasses are at full power lol.

It’s pretty crazy when AAA game developers are designing with some intentional bugs in place that were previous unintentional but maybe I haven’t drank enough of the kool aid?

(Aryxymaraki) #65

He’s not just a random MVP, he is Blizzard’s biggest apologist who previously was in here saying that Blizzard can do no wrong and there should be whatever changes they want.

He’s literally just trolling with green text.

(Morehwine) #66

That “exploit” does work in the beta, though.