"NOT A BUG" List from the Beta Forum

'But Birmingham said that he understands that some players might like to experience the Blood Plague again when Zul’Gurub releases in Phase 4:

“I would be lying if I didn’t say it came up,” Birmingham said. “We all had a good laugh about that experience. [Bringing it back] sounds interesting. I don’t have any plans to announce today, but it’s certainly something we thought was an amusing idea.”

They’ve talked about it and haven’t ruled it out. :wink:


They should throw it at us once a year on a random day to keep us surprised lol

The tauren things isn’t a bug? I saw a guy as a tauren fighting something so far away from him. You could fit an entire other tauren swinging a weapon between them.

Nah, it was like that even in TBC. I remember during S2 getting hit by an execute through the bridge in Blade’s Edge because their hitbox was so large.

Yup, that’s intended.

One of the Hyjal bosses in BC had a war stomp for the melee, and my hitbox/reach was so large that I could melee him from outside the stomp range.



well then. Thats crazy! I never played Horde in Vanilla but when I saw that it just seemed crazy. If it helps I never planned on testing horde. Just Alliance which I am familiar with.

Before Joana reports it, they need to add:

  • Protect Kaya - Kaya isn’t there to protect you, so she’s walking, you keep up.

Yeah hitboxes used to matter, gnomes could literally “Yoda” around people and jump around at different sides or behind them and mess up a taurens dps

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I’m TL1, I think. I can’t link things. :slight_smile:

Never been banned though. Well… except for one of my linked accounts which was hacked while serving as a guild bank.

Named Quest NPCs are on a much faster respawn timer. Always have been.

I don’t understand the decision to recreate what they consider “non game-changing” bugs; just fix all the bugs so we can have a cleaner experience. And this nonsense about the inconsistency of questgivers; that was clearly just an error in programming in Vanilla, so just clean it up for Classic. This #NoChanges nonsense is getting out of hand.


They’re also ‘non-game breaking’. And so to recreate the world of Vanilla, they’re replacing those slight pain points because its worth it for the museum piece recreation.

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I did not even know anything about the world buff or enrage proc (/sit related things.) After googling I can see why this was opted for

I’m going to give you some general advice that you should follow in order to make your Classic experience more enjoyable: deal with it.


That doesn’t make sense. If your hit box is close enough to melee him it should be close enough to be hit by Warstomp…I think you probably just resisted it.

“Creature respawn rates are much slower than in Battle for Azeroth.” :rofl:

1/3 of these are quests not showing up on the map, BFA testers are really putting in work.

Nope. It was very finicky and very specific, but the war stomp had a radius smaller than my melee reach.

(Remember, back then, there was no ‘targets all melee’ type effects. It had a specific number on its radius.)

so the /sit for crit procs may not work, but /sit /stand does.
Confirmed on Esfands stream.
Don’t judge me for bottom tier entertainment, I don’t have beta access :frowning:

I just hope they make it like Vanilla because I’m more concerned about that then sticking it to private server players and winning some petty victory.