<Nostalgia> is recruiting - Raids Mon/Wed/Thur 8-11pm

Nostalgia is looking for a couple of members to add to our core!
Classes needed(Core): Warrior(1), R Druid(1), Rogue(1) ------- (Reserves): All classes considered

Recruiting: Over the past 6 months or so we’ve seen a number of individuals come and go for various reasons, the main offender definitely being boredom. After reaching 60 and doing a couple of raids, a lot of people became tired of the game, especially if they weren’t into PVP or leveling alts. We’ve also seen friends from other guilds disappear as well. It’s been unfortunate to say the least and definitely disheartening at times.

We’ve certainly had that issue here. We’ve bled a lot of great people due to lack of interest in continuing to play. Every couple of weeks we’re shuffling in someone new to keep our 40 man roster and having to say farewell to some of our original members, and I’m sure many of the other communities on the server have had to do the same. However, we have managed to maintain a solid core of people here since we’ve started and feel confident that as more content comes out to keep people engaged, this number will increase bit by bit over time.

Who we are: The officer core here consists of a group of RL buddies from eastern Canada. We’ve been playing WoW since vanilla and have various experience in most of its iterations thus far. Our GM has experience up to the 4 horsemen in Naxx in vanilla, and are eager to keep pushing forward towards that end goal while having good times in the efforts up to it. We transferred from Thalnos as soon as the xfer’s became available due to the communication barriers, and have felt very at home here in Netherwind since we arrived. Our goal is to be a part of this community for the long term, and to overall be a positive presence on the server.

Loot: We use a loot council based system. While many people do not prefer this system and rather MS>OS, DKP, or other variations of loot distribution, we’ve had good experiences and responses thus far and if you ask some of our members how they have found loot distribution, I believe they’d give you a positive response. We want it to be as fair as possible, while also respecting that certain classes or roles will need certain items over others. To help this process, we also have guild meetings to discuss loot priority every time a new raid is coming out, and everyone gets to have an input in about which items should go to which classes first(or equal prios). Overall, we know loot is important to many players and we intend to respect that as best as we can.

Community, however, is very important to us. We believe in respecting other guilds on the server and trying our best to include ourselves in any way possible in community events that have been occuring and continuing in the upcoming months and years. We expect a certain level of respect from our members to others, and have little patience for trolls.

Requirements: 80% attendance for a Core position, which means priority invite. 0% required attendance for Reserve members, which means if there is a spot available in raid you’ll receive an invite after Core. During Phase 1 and 2 raiding, we have not required consumables for a number of reasons, but going forward in BWL and beyond we will be requiring that you have food buffs + potion consumables as the minimum. We are not a hardcore guild by any stretch, and definitely lean more towards the casual side. Real life is always more important than the game. However, there are expectations that you remain sporadically active, prep for raids, be a part of the community, and aren’t just raid logging all the time.

Thats about it. Any questions, send Limits, Vivi, or Ziaku a tell in game. There are many great guilds on this server so it’s important to look around before you make a decision. Thanks for reading and good luck to you wherever you decide to call home!