Northrend adveture supplies is a joke

Someone didn’t get the memo. Read the hotfix notes.


blizzard hates us all

heroic boxes have free flask neat

Supplies only had 375 alchemy consumes, how’s that kills endgame alchemy in wrath?


Because feels > reals apparently.

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hmm :thinking:

This is why we cant have nice things.

Dps players: why is finding tanks and healers so difficult. They need more incentives!

Blizz: here are incentives.

Dps players: wtf blizz, it’s not fair to give them good stuff, but not give dps anything!


Man I am SURE glad I did most of my questing for them bags day 1…

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Nothing but crybabies these days… People will whine about anything.

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Remove the boxes. They harm everyone now with the update. Removing them will eventually allow the damaged economy to figure itself out. Done.

I haven’t been in a single dungeon since launch.

I am DPS, not heals, not tank.

I have LOTS of alchemy products from these loot boxes.

Not seeing hiw your comment fits this one.

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Well realistically its not the WHOLE market apart from heals and pots the rest were low level stuff the real flasks were not included, don’t overdramatize.

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the fix to the low level boxes was great, just needs to be done to heroics as well. really not a fan of them containing flasks. anyone saying flasks aren’t in the boxes evidently hasn’t done any heroics yet

a lot of people aren’t doing heorics yet it’s only been what 3 days?

Alchemy has been dead since vanilla. I have made the mistake of rolling an alchemist many times. It’s so dang easy to power level. As a matter of fact I think this toon is an alchemist.

I’m keen to see all the same dps players crying on the forums in 2 months when they can’t find groups.

sure, but the point is that “the boxes do not give flasks” just isn’t true, but is still being said by people who haven’t actually done any heroics, which do in fact give flasks.

why is there an issue with it giving a few flasks?

because it will make flasks completely valueless, completely killing off one of the alchemy specializations? I’m not sure how you don’t see the issue with 2 people in each heroic run getting 1-2 flasks each, for every single dungeon.

dps still need flasks?