North Carolina Guilds in Ashkandi

Just wanting to see if there are any North Carolina based horde guilds in Ashkandi. I live in Gastonia and work in Charlotte.

Hey there! I’m the GM from Of Blood and Ashes. While we aren’t specifically a guild based out of NC, we have a surprising amount of players from that state and familiar or close to the Charlotte area (it boggles my mind actually lol).

If you are interested, by all means please feel free to reach out to me in game for the link to join our Discord server and get to know us a bit! We’re all experienced raiders that transferred to the server about a month ago and started fresh Horde-side and would love to have you along!

damn man i wish there was a north carolina guild on Faerlina that would be so nice to be able to meet guildies </3

i live in gastonia as well buddy glad to meet another player from my area !!