Normal/AOTC raider looking for guild

Date Posted: 9/23/2020
Class/Spec: My main is Holy Priest (Mosiss on Stormrage), I started w/a resto Druid in Legion, and mained her early on into BFA before I switched to Hpriest
Faction: I prefer ALLIANCE
Legion: I only started playing WOW about halfway through Legion, so I may have done a few normal raids with the guild I was a part of with my Druid, but I don’t remember if I did them with them while they were current, or if that was during some of the “off” time when we would go back and do achievements.
BFA: 7/8 heroic Eternal Palace, 9/9 heroic BoD, 2/2 heroic CoS, 12/12 heroic Ny’alotha, all on my Priest, 8/8 heroic Uldir with my resto Druid & 9/9 heroic BoD with my resto Druid
Btag: atizzle#11538
Heroic BoD (Druid): h ttps://ww w. warcr ftlo gs. co m/character/us/kelthuzad/permbtchface#metric=hps&difficulty=4&zone=21
Heroic BoD (Preist): ht tps://w ww .warcraftlogs. com/ character/us/stormrage/mosiss#zone=21
Heroic EP: ht tps://www. warcraftlogs. com/character/us/stormrage/mosiss#zone=23
Towards the end of EP, I was no longer able to raid full-time due to schedule changes with my work, so most of my raiding after that was as fill in DPS (which I mostly only do for questing), as they replaced my position as a healer.
I am looking for a guild in which I can raid with on my nights off from work instead of raiding casually, as I kind of got down on WoW after I lost my spot in raid healing and I really miss that aspect of the game.
Armory: I have 120 Priest (1 on Alliance AND 1 one on Horde, both of which are named Mosiss), 120 Druid (alliance), and a few other lower level characters that I dabble around with from time to time and I’m also teaching my sons to play the game, so some of them are going to come along slowly.
Not looking to start a fresh character for Shadowlands. I’d prefer a more established guild. I would like to get back into raiding, preferably in a healing role.

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Hello! Mourning Shadows is a newly formed guild for Shadowlands. We are AOTC focused and fairly laid back. We have some folks that also pvp heavily, so BGs and Arena teams should be available. Raid will be Sunday night 9-12 Est (6-9 pm Pacific) We are looking for ranged and healers primarily, but all roles will be considered. The is no level requirement to join. For more information contact BellanyZimz#0791 on discord or Bellany#1567 on Bnet.

This group is mostly comprised of long time raiders. I know you said prefer Ally, but if you change your mind, drop a line! Happy Hunting!

If swapping to emerald Dream-alliance is a possibility, our guild junction would love to have you join us! We are 3/12M looking to tackle some more mythic nyalotha before prepatch hits and then progress in SL! While our main team healing spots are full, we are considering starting a second team and would love to have you as a healer! There’s plenty to do in our guild, whether it’s pvp, mythic +, raids, transmog runs, or just socialize! I’ll post the guild info below and feel free to message me!

What you can expect from us as a guild:

  • A sense of community and direction!
  • Communication!
  • Strong & passionate leadership!
  • Overall friendly environment suited for all skill levels!

Currently, the raid team is 3/12M AOTC . We are looking for more members that would like to venture into mythic raiding. More specifically, we’re looking for the following;

  • any Mythic ready DPS

While we’re happy to accept anyone, these are the roles we need specifically for our raid team at the moment. Current raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7:30p-10:30p CST (server time)

We also do the following:

  • PvP (BGs and Arenas)
  • Mythic+ Pushing (+16’s and higher)
  • Achievement Runs
  • Old Raid Transmog Runs
  • Alt Levelling

How to apply:
If you would like to apply and have any further inquiries/questions, please reach out to me via BattleTag: Professoroak#1732 or Discord: Elitefourlance#5703

We appreciate your time and interest. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey there!
Would you have any interest in mythic raiding? If so our guild is currently looking for another healer to finish up our healing roster for Shadowlands. We raid on Tues/Weds from 8-11 EST, if you may be interested I’ll leave our guild info and a btag below so you can get in contact :smile:.

Btag: Wandappy#1921
Guild Info: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!