<Nobility> LATE-NIGHT- 9/12M Looking for Healers and Ranged

<Nobility>, an Alliance late-night raiding guild on Kel’Thuzad server, whose core has been raiding together since Wrath times, is recruiting for some fun. We raid Tue/Wed/Thu from 11pm to 2am server time (which is 10pm - 1am PST or 1am - 4am EST).
Current needs:

  • Mage
  • Boomkin
  • Warlock
  • Healer other than druid or holy priest
  • Anyone of exceptional ability and good attitude

Current progression is:

  • Ny’alotha: 9/13M 12/12H


  1. We raid late night.
  2. We’re semi-hardcore: we value progression but also balance it with RL.
  3. Our raid leader won’t try to pretend he’s a frat boy on a power trip; but we also enforce performance, politely but effectively.
  4. We don’t recruit for the bench. Spots are always competitive. It is your performance and attendance alone that will determine your spot - not how much officers like you.
  5. We’re quite stable, having been raiding together, non-stop, since the start of WoD.

Looking for more details? We have them!

What can we offer?

  • We’re a semi-hardcore progression guild. We’re not striving for server-first, and understand that RL is more important than the game, but are serious about progression, and aim to kill Mythic bosses during the relevant tier.
  • We offer an active, social guild. While we do not require anyone to log in at non-raid times, many of us do, and we enjoy plentiful and successful Mythic+ runs, old raid transmog clears, and Discord chatter nights. Neither the guild chat, nor our voice channels are lonely often. And yes, if you’re only interested in M+ but not in raiding, we do also recruit for that.
  • Our style of raid leading sets us apart from many guilds. When someone messes up in a fight causing a wipe, or performs below the expected level, some raid leaders will openly mock them, calling them names more suitable for a frat party. Others will not notice, and will continue pulling in what people like to describe as bashing their heads against the wall. We do neither of these - we won’t mock or swear, but we will instead let the person know they need to improve, and if such improvement doesn’t happen, we will (politely) replace them. In this way, we maintain progression without causing drama or hurting feelings.
  • We play to have fun, and have a low tolerance toward rude or pretentious people, but at the same time do enforce performance standards in raids, particularly for the progression fights, and our raid spots are competitive.
  • We like to joke around in guild chat and on Discord; profanity is allowed and encouraged, but intentionally abusing others isn’t.

How to contact us?
Choose one of the following:

  • Contact Charodey#5945, Barlar#7769 or Card#4137 on Discord.
  • Visit discord.gg/pzwdmc5 and fill out a short app.
  • Add Volshebnik#1818 or Barlar#1928 or on Bnet.
  • Post here, leaving your battletag.
  • Contact Charodey, Barlar, Cardeah or Doesupz on Kel’Thuzad in-game.
  • Write one of us an in-game mail.

be boop bop bump

Great people. We’re making it to phase 2 on Org. We’ll be on to the next boss soon. Brewmaster monk would be extra nice!

BUUUUMMMMPPPP. I’m a back up tank WE NEED A TANK!!!

ever heard of a bump? because i have

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Almost 5/8! Bump.

Still looking for a tank and two strong healers!

Barlar needs to play Rimworld.

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Bump! I need a new tanking partner and some heals

I’m interested. Ricky#1272, I would app but I’m about to be driving. Look forward to talking to someone soon though. Dh tank and dps

Need some glimmer heals before next patch. Also need some of that Atonement!

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445 Blood DK. Looking for that late night raiding.

Sick! find us in game or on bnet for a chat!

Almost 5/8, spots are competitive

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7% on orgozoa, almost there

Back up to the top!

still looking for some boss healers

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pls bro pls

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