Nobbel's interview with Danuser


The Old Gods are not dead and defeated, this is exactly what I’ve been saying for a while. I really like how Danser explained that we may have defeated some of them on the mortal plane, but they are not from the mortal plane. I actually have theories about this that I would like to express without the risk of criticism, because that opens up a whole new world of speculation opportunity.


I never believed they were out of the equation. And I think they’re realizing that if we just outright kill all the big bads we meet it takes more away from the story. And the OGs are just intriguing villains. Still wondering what Xal’atath is getting up to.


Well… yeah. All cosmic beings return to their aligned plain when you kill them. They can only die-die on their home plane. You’d need to kill them in the void to destroy them.

I like they went ahead and said Ysera isn’t coming back as an aspect, because she is still bound to Ardenweald. Plus, her daughter has a big part to play. Perhaps she will step into her mother’s shoes after some time with her before she goes back to where she belongs.

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alright so i get what danuser is saying

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“creatures born of magic aren’t free willed like mortals, they’re different”

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but death seems like

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part and parcel of mortality

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mortals DIE

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life and death should be THE mortal domains


The cynical part of me thinks they are changing it to this direction after the backlash they received when this first got datamined. But if it is going to be something like Baba bringing back people for 1 day in Dragonball then I might be okay with it. Still feels off making Malfurion die for it to happen.


Ysera is still the one on the loading screen, not Merithra. Contrast how its Wrsthion and Kalec there instead of Deathwing and Malygos. It’s also Ysera in the pins that come with the collectors edition, the pins that again have Wrathion and Kalec, so it’s not just of the original five.

Merithra doesnt even have a unique model in DF, its still her BFA one, a night elf with demon hunter horns. On the other hand Ysera has a new encrypted model that cant be viewed on wowhead’s model viewer if you try to look up her Dragonflight NPCs.

I truly honestly do not believe him about this. Everything we’ve seen in beta is contradicting him.


I never understood how we could supposedly kill Old Gods anyway. The titans themselves chained them up instead of killing most of them. But 40 good men can kill them?? Nah son… nah


I have such a viseral contempt for him and Golden after the spectacular trainwreck of the past four years.


I get that. I really do. I would say Malfurion isnt really dead if he is just staying in Ardenweald in Ysera’s place while she is out. We were there and for sure were very not dead. I think they might be planning a cyclical thing where Malf represents life/summer and Ysera death/winter and they regularly cycle.


tbf, just because someone is on a loading screen doesn’t mean they will be important to the story. Pandaria’s loading screen has Xin the Weaponmaster and he was a throw away dungeon boss. Even more so after they split the original Mogu’shan vaults into a dungeon and raid (with Palace being the dungeon).

But I wonder who would be more appropriate though for Pandaria’s loading screen? Blizzard wanted to keep the Sha of Pride and Y’shaarj a secret so you can’t have either of them. Maybe Lei Shen instead of Xin?

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Agreed on all fronts. I do dearly hope they don’t bring them back just to kill them in another raid a cycle later. Don’t bring them back at all in that case. They should be villains that we’re locked in a perpetual struggle with, like Bowser or Aku.


Yep, they failed to develop any green dragon so they are just bring Ysera back. Maranda will maybe give out a few quests, but other than that she will be entirely irrelevant. If we are just going to bring back dead aspects bring back Malygos and Neltharion. Merideth is barely even mentioned at all in any of these interviews unless people prod them to talk about her, she is going to be such an irrelevant footnote in this expansion, which is a shame because we could have had a more interesting story about the greens losing their way and her needing to rise to the challenge and dealing with her grief, now we just bring Ysera back because it’s easy and they didn’t develop any green dragons over the years, like they did with Wrathion and Kalecgos.

I do not believe they intend for her to be aspect. I think that is a snap judgement based on a few fragments of a larger encrypted story arc.

My guess is they intend to build up Merithra through some time with Ysera, as her death came out of left field and was so sudden she never really got to prepare herself for the role she feels inadequate to fill.

Part of me wants Merithra to come into the role without any guidance from her mother. She should lean on Alexstrasza, her auntie for that. Like she did in BFA. Because sometimes that did happen to the next in line. Their parents are killed and they have to pick up the pieces, even if they are not ready for the role. Thankfully Alextrasza isn’t the evil aunt / uncle type who would take advantage of the situation. At least not yet ‘moves eyes side to side’ :stuck_out_tongue:

After all this time why does anyone presume long term intention and forethought


Finally, you and I agree on something.

Anyway, after watching this interview it shows that this man has learned absolutely nothing. Nobbel is doing a great job at putting tough questions to him but he keeps doubling down on his terrible decisions.

So for those of you under the illusion that the problem was Afrasiabi then I have a bridge to sell you. If you think retroactive jailer insertions are at an end or nonsense plot conveniences that beggars belief. Hold on to your seats folks, hold on to your seats.


Yea it’s a bit perplexing how Danuser is clearly not inclined to acknowledge that there’s a broad consensus within the community regarding the fact that the BFA-SL arc was extremely problematic on many levels
This is actually rather worrying lol

There are several things we’re learning from this itw that sound important :

  • The purpose of the Jailer was to spread the influence of Death across the cosmos (freaking hell did the writers just never find any occasion to give us that very simple information in the game ???)
  • The very essence of mortal beings is free will, as opposed to beings of magic who are mostly driven by the agenda of the cosmic/natural force they are a part of (pretty interesting when it comes to evaluating that whole Dragons vs Proto-Dragons situation that’s currently going on : it really boils down to Order/Arcane magic vs Elemental magic more than anything else)
  • The Old Gods have been killed on the mortal plane, but they’re not beings of the mortal plane, so… they’ll all eventually return I guess ?
  • The Centaur as a race date back to the early history of Azeroth. The Dragon Isles Centaur are from this “first wave” of Centaur. They were more “enlightened” (zzzzz) than the other clans, they were longing for peace so they traveled all the way to the Dragon Isles, while the rest of their kin remained on the supercontinent of Kalimdor. They’re the only ones from that generation to have survived up to this day because the other clans eventually fought each other to death. The modern-day Kalimdor Centaur (so, the “second wave” Centaur) are actually a “reintroduction of this ancient race through magical means” (magical means being Zaetar doing things with Theradras). Of course how such an unorthodox union gave birth to the exact same race that used to be roaming the fields of primordial Azeroth raises some questions lol.

Thinking more about this video today and I’m just getting madder.

The “we don’t want story in the game”, when it’s an RPG! His skirting around the centaur question and refusing to give a straight answer. Him being honestly unable to understand how Shadowlands retroactively ruined so much.

How the hell does Danuser still have a job? I’m glad Nobbel actually pressured him and didn’t just let him squirm out of answers but Christ. I truly hate this man more than I thought I could hate someone I’ve never met.


We should apply for video game writing jobs. Apparently the bar is just that low.