No xfers for Fresh start Wotlk

Please do no xfers to Fresh wotlk servers. Please only allow people to xfer off after the 90 days.
The first 90 days of Vanilla and TBC classic were not when bots were prominent, this isn’t the trouble period. The trouble period starts after the 90 days when people have done the content and want quick/easy solutions to things leading them to buying gold/botting.

Probably some shameless cashgrab to get people onto a server and once its dead they xfer off, so please, prove me wrong.


People asked for fresh servers.

No one is transferring TO a new server, so don’t worry

They stated that they are doing this.


All the RMT players will RUSH to the fresh servers as soon as they can loaded with items they can buy cheap on other servers to flood the fresh servers market … you know nothing jon snow.


lol ok yeah people want to be trapped on a backwater server for 3 months so they can sell expensive consumes from server A to sell it for less gold on server B.

What will happen though is buying up cheap stuff on the new server and leaving immediately as servers off are open to sell for more on a bigger server (people did this with lotuses in classic)

when new servers open, all you hear is “I wish i could transfer my tier X warrior”. I’ve seen it countless times.

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No boost, no xfers. That is the way.


except gear is getting reset as soon as wrath launches, I guarantee you this server will stop being popular 3 months in.

yes. transfers and the infusion of wealth will kill it.


dude no one will be transferring to the dead server

wanna bet?


sure, I feel pretty safe that this little fresh experiment will go the same way literally every other fresh experiment has gone.

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sounds good. bookmarked.

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That’s what i’m talking about

Made a discord for people interested in Fresh Start Classic Wrath a meeting place to start finding guilds and general discussion
ht tps:// spread the word let’s make Classic Wrath Great Again

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SOM is not fresh, Blizzard has never introduced us fresh servers with a classic expansion launch.

And with the current state of TBC, Fresh for wrath is wildey popular, only the cringe twitch streamer/viewer people who buy gold will stay on servers like faerlina and benediciton, the people who cheat anyway, will remain on those servers.

those demographics can stay on those 100% faction pve servers


SoM was F R E S H but isn’t anymore because reasons and wotlk isn’t Classic.

There’s a 90 day expiration date. Blizz said so.

It’s in phase 5 out of a 6 phase cycle, pretty good reason to not be considered fresh.

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