No wonder no one wants to heal

damage is way too high and you are punished for the smallest mistakes

No one already wants to heal, but yeah lets keep nerfing any healers that are good, that’ll make them want to que!


LOL, that looks like almost the same log as when I was playing my warlock alt the other day and a windwalker monk caught me on my mount and hit me for a 190k blackout kick and then 2 rising sun kicks for about 250k each. He chunked over 2/3rdsof my 950k health in less than 5 seconds.

And I didn’t even mention the other random 50k to 80k attacks.

Not saying monks need a nerf. But damage in general can be kind of insane, especially when players have their swifty macros up. And like I said, he caught me on my mount so I had zero mobility options. And even if I did, it was a monk. Monks stick to warlocks so easily.

It’s the mindset. This is the start of the season, dont stress on hitting ur end of season goals as healer. Enjoy the game, practice, if someone trash talks, make em go negative or leave the match if he’s going positive, u take the cr loss and 15mins, they’ll still be waiting for queue when ur timers up.

No one wants to heal because healing is a power bottom fantasy stop coping. Most people want RAHHHH BIG NUMBERS.

Heals have big numbers.

Not all DPS specs have big numbers.

Some people want to build, not destroy.


Already got my set and stuff idc about that. Maybe push for duelist late season. Idc about trash talk either I think it’s funny.

It’s just the gameplay in general is so bad for healers. The pacing is so fast and you’re just in a constant panic trying to keep people up, only for them to get randomly gibbed or die behind a pillar or whatever. Pushing in and actually playing the game will often do more harm than good. You just pve as hard as you can and hope you win.

Sure some people like that but the vast majority of people who enjoy PvP games just want to kill other people.

Yeah and thats why dps sit 30+ min queues

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Thats also why those DPS ultimately quit the game and the PvP scene is worse because of it, whats your point?

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Hilariously evil.

No one wants to heal because the gameplay is bad > dps sit long queues and quit > pvp scene is worse

Maybe make healing more enjoyable and more people will play it?


What does this mean?

Whats your proposal, because healing has been unpopular at all points in WoW’s life relative to the amount of DPS players.

If you know you know gg you know why

So…you cannot say?

If I say what I want Ill be suspended for 6 months so no I cannot elaborate further sorry.

If only Blizzard let us all say whatever we want this forum would be a better place.

Every time a DPS quits, another gets a Q.

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Healing is completely fine, it’s just bad in shuffle. That’s it.

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Nerf damage/modifiers, buff underperforming healers, have more healer incentives (like blizz has been saying for the past year that never happened)

So it’s bad in the most popular rated game mode by far? Ladder is dead

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