No whirling dragon punch?

every guide ive seen doesn’t spec into whirling dragon punch, is there a reason for this? does it just do not do damage anymore?

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well first, stop reading guides. Even the “pros” will change these in a month. They don’t know anything more than you do, really. Look at SL guides even before the first patch to right before it.

second, points are tight at the bottom and it is awkward lol


I stuck with it on my ww and I can tell you that damage is not a problem. Im sure there is some percentage of increase from some other meta choice, but I kept it and kept playing ww basically the same as the last few years and don’t have any problems smashing mobs and topping meters :wink:


A lot of the guides are being written with zero in game testing. It is just a bunch of incorrect sims pushing out numbers that do not represent anything close to what you will see in game. I pointed this out in the beta when some people from peak where pushing this idea you should take RJW and spend chi on it. But in actual testing Shadowboxing just spamming blackout kick way outdps’d RJW, making RJW a dead talent since the cost to chi is the same.

Go and test it. Get a target dummy single target or aoe (whichever your testing for) beat on it for 5mins and review your data. Then beat on it for 5mins without WDP and review your data.

Until real world logs of M+ and Boss kills are out we won’t truly know what is great and what is just not worth it.


Testing stuff last night while doing all the mythic 0s. It didn’t feel worth using.

Aoe- Crane kick spam is always better if talented
Cleave- best to just use blackout kick
Single target-blackout kick with teachings is better

In general the damage it does wont hold up with the new talents in place. Only reason I can see using it is because its “free”, but fights never lasted long enough for me to get into a low energy moment.


100% this – with Blackout Kick, Crane, and FoF, it feels like a waste a GCD on a RSK to WDP when fighting trash. I do miss it a little bit on bosses though.

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the m+ build seems to use it. i throw it on my build when dpsing dungeons.

it does feel a bit underwhelming though, like others above mentioned, which is why i don’t always keep it in my ww build.

I don’t use it personally

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Because it’s not as good as most of the points in the middle of the bottom tier.

Single target 8% damage from faeline.
Aoe taking BDB for more aoe damage. After

taking one of these there’s basically no extra talents to throw around.

Nerfs to keefers, ID, XBG, ETL or the fof talent is the only way we would be taking WDP

I just don’t want anymore keybinds lol


WDP doesnt do enough damage for where its at in the tree. Its also awkward to use with how many resets we get for RSK and FoF now.

honestly im glad its not “meta” I felt it made the rotation awkward


Yeah I was happy to get that off my bar for a bit

After looking at this thread, I decided to check my damage meter of my last run…and yeah I need to spec out of it. :expressionless:

For one, you are stuck in skill animation and these dungeons are killer with ground aoe.

Can only use once conditions are met and has a long cd.

Best put that talent somewhere else, but use it if you want.

It’s not bad since it has no limit as to how much you can hit, but you’ll gain more if you didn’t use the skill.

Resource is good on monk now, so you don’t need WDP which was a skill used in place of down time or to allow energy regeneration during it’s animation


I’ve always thought it was awkward, had to time two CDs to use where one is for aoe and one for single target and it may not make sense to use both. I’m glad I can dump it personally.

might be a dorito or wheatherman question

ty guys for the feedback but yeah i figured out a while ago that wdp is worthless in all forms of content, pretty sad considering it feels really cool