No water walking with druid travel form?

(Martei) #42

Going into travel form while in combat makes it slower

(Lavalämp) #43

No class has as many as Druids or perks that are as useful in and/or out of combat. You’re already special


As someone who plays a druid I have to asked why should we?, Druids do have underwater travel forms.

(Smig) #45

Yep, perk of being instant. My druids get out of stuff no other class can get out of.

(Atalanta) #46

All I want is for Lunarwing to count as a mount in terms of my collections tab. It was hailed as my class mount. I don’t care if they’d have to make it not-instant-cast.

I feel like there’s something disingenuous about releasing an entire system whereby every class gets a class mount, but one class doesn’t get a mount that counts as a mount.

(Martei) #47

Depends on what you consider a perk. I play other classes and a 1.5 sec mount time is so minor really there are mounts that give you the so called druid only class perk.

And I would very much like to here what all these perks are that druids have that others do not.

So really people who bring this up are complaining about 1.5 sec cast time. On something that most often doesn’t even benefit from the movement speed perk you eventually always get.

Rogues have sap and blind to not deal with stuff and can instantly re stealth (druids has a cooldown) so they can literally walk up and run away without dealing with anything at all where as a druid would have to even if it can loot in form.

There are perks for every class people just like to hone in on druids for some reason. Travel from can be a mount… How often do you see anyone riding a druid would be my reply to that

(Martei) #48

Your saying your rogue cant get out of a situation ? That is a huge joke cloak to get out of roots vanish to get out of combat shadowmeld which both can have blind so you can run away. Sap to avoid combat.

Really not sure what your getting at here. Only thing i can thing of is your talking about looting before something gets close maybe. In which case the aggro radius is the same for ever class or spec. If in combat you move slower if your referring to travel from or you could move a bit so it doesn’t get close and you have time. We’re literally talking about 1.5 seconds here

(Smig) #49

Every class can get out of many differnt situations. I have no interests in getting into a hypothetical fight, i find them juvenile. With a game as diverse as wow its limitless the number of situations that a player can find themselvs in.

Yea, druids have a huge bag of tricks. In my experience between all the abilities a druid has and all the abilites a rogue has, druid has a larger number of scenarios that it can acomplish that other classes cant or have to blow everything to scrape by. That being said, Rogues do have some of the best get out of jail free abilities but they are almost all longer cooldowns. There are few situatuons that a rogue cant get away from, but where a rogue would have to flee a druid (who could flee as well) would find a way to overcome the situation.

(Rautha) #50

i didn’t read whole thread but Im like 90% sure they retroactively fixed the legion flight form to now count as a mount in your journal so I’ve been told by mount collectors.

So maybe it will work on them has anyone tested?

(Sifu) #51

Doubtful. The mount equipment doesn’t work on special mounts that come with their own perks like the Lumber Extractor mount that lets people herb while mounted, so there is no reason why it would work with the Druid mount which comes with SEVERAL perks like instant cast, root/snare breaking, immune to poly, and being able to skin/herb while mounted.