No water walking with druid travel form?

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I’m not complaining about it. Did you read the second part of my post? I specifically call out the advantages it gives and that they’re probably not actually weaker.


Why do you need water walking when you instantly shapeshift to aquatic form when touching water?


Also Druid travel forms allow herb gathering in the same way as the other mounts which will not be using mount equipment; ie., the Sky Golem

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A couple reasons. The most obvious that comes to mind is that in places where the water is hazardous, such as the shark-infested water at the start of Siege of Boralus that people typically water-walk over as a trash skip, you actually can’t get out of the water fast enough in aquatic form. You can’t jump back onto the pier without a ramp. Walking on the surface of the water doesn’t have this effect.

It’s also slightly faster as there’s no chance for a vertical component while water-walking so your movement is all horizontal. While in Aquatic Form you might be slower despite having a similar speed just because you’re not looking straight ahead, which is difficult to maintain.

Edit: I’m actually on team “no mount equipment for Travel Form” despite how it may appear in this post. I used to want gear in travel form until I thought more about the comparison to Sky Golem. Since the inconsistency issue is resolved in my mind from the precendent Sky Golem sets I swapped sides. I’m just pointing out why someone would prefer water-walking over Aquatic Form.


my only thing is, if sky golem and druid forms can herb and skin; why can’t they mine?

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Because they have to carry them with their mouths and rocks don’t taste as good as herbs or animals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly though I have no idea. Might have something to do with the mining animation?


true, that could have a lot to do with it, but with every other mode of transport getting an upgrade why can’t mining be the upgrade in druid forms and Sky Golem type mounts? Water walking can still be applied by Death Knights to all players as well as an Alchemy pot, so you can technically still water walk as druid or Sky Golem anyways (ICYDK)


Druid travel form already gives them an instant mount that breaks roots and snares as well as make them immune to certain CCs and lets them herb and skin. They are already OP enough as it is without also giving them access to mount equipment.

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Now that just silly if you base it on that then mages should not be able to use it since they have self and group ? ports to any major city and can make their own food. All it is a Q O L so that they can use their form or a mount it called CHOICE . I feel like Oliver Twist (movie by Charles Dickens ) PLEASE blizzard can my travel form have water walking?

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Blue response:

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I have to chime in here.

I realize travel form is not a normal mount.
With that said

In Legion every class got a class “mount”

Note the term “mount”

This was Blizzards description .

The druid “mount” was a different travel form.
Can someone please explain why Blizzard would call said travel form a “mount”.

If that travel form was not a mount I think Blizzard owes every Druid a mount.

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in case nobody saw it yes we have water from but the water form is slower then mount speed for some reason if it swam at mount speed it would be great

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you have a fast swim form, you can instantly switch to flight form while you are fallling, you can pick herbs while in travel form, including flight form and all your travel forms are basically an instant mount.

I think druids are fine without mount equipment, the forms are already better then mounts.


For all the people obsessed with being able to use a previous expansion fishing accomplishment to get water walking, surprising people don’t tell druids to just go back and get underlight angler. It allows water walking in travel form with an easy weapon swap.

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You can also use water walking potions too but it still leaves a bad taste when told travel form is in limbo as to whether it is/isn’t a “mount”.

(Ammathostus) #37

Druids swim faster though, in Travel Form.

(Elibourne) #38

Limbo ?

Blizzard. Thats the company that makes this game.
Blizzard labeled the druid class “mount” a mount.

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This reply by people so old you have a class perk which is why you don’t get other perks. Every class has some kind of benefit for being said class. Its always been this way and yet only now that benefits like this are popping are people complaining about and using the only thing that can think of to leave one group of people out. Remember class mounts have you seen any druid using that class mount in Bfa content guarantee you haven’t.

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Saying get the angler and macro it has one flaw. You can’t switch gear in combat.

(Smig) #41

The druid class mount is a mount, it has a cast time. They went an extra step and gave it some flavor by being one of a druids form buttons, how dare they.

Tou think its so much better then aquatic form? Try diving. Water strider is just as slow as every other ground/flying mount.

Know what else is cool. Instant casting into travel form. It gets cooler when you can drop travel for throw on a rejuv and regrowth super quick then instantly be back in travel form.

I also like being able to go straight through dense mob packs with stealth then change to travel the second im out of threat range on a healer class.

Asking for mount equipment to apply to travel forms is rediculous.