No water walking with druid travel form?

(Katherine) #1

No water walking with druid travel form?

(Metrohaha) #2

That’s correct. It only works on actual mounts.

(Katherine) #3

So good bye travel form… Another bad design…

(Metrohaha) #4

Huh? You have always needed to use the water strider mount to walk on water regardless.
Travel form is not a mount. Its used like one now after many buffs to it, but it has intrinsic benefit no other mounts have, IE being instant and auto-switching between applicable cases.

This is the only way it was ever going to be, so not sure how you can call it bad design.

(Hazzulu) #5

The difference is mount equipment isn’t JUST water walking. Because druid forms can’t have the anti daze, the parachute, the water walking, they feel decidedly weaker than mounts.

That being said, they have instant mount time and you can gather in them. So I’m not certain they’re actually weaker. But the feeling should be fairly easily understandable.

(Metrohaha) #6

I’ll have to take your word for it. With the historical perspective I have from Classic and TBC on this topic, I can’t understand how anyone would confuse travel form for a mount, and would expect the systems to cross over.

Its understandable in a vacuum though. They basically are just mounts - but the way the game processes it, they are not, so the system would have to be made to apply to them, not be the default situation.

(Savana) #7

I’ve most always used travel form on my druid, only occasionally using a mount, so my choice will be the parachute. Swim and inability to be dismounted are innate in the druid form.

(Sazdingo) #8

Of course not. Aquatic form or get on a mount.

(Sorelai) #9

Get the Underlight Angler from Legion. Create a macro that switches your weapon with it. Voila, you can use travel form on water. Doesn’t work with mounts.

(Liger) #10

So if our travel form doesn’t count as a mount, but our legion “class” mount was a new travel flight form, which doesn’t actually count as a mount in the journal, I think our travel forms should be considered mounts and be able to use mount equipment.

(Metrohaha) #11

I see. I don’t.

(Savana) #12

No no no a thousand times no. Druid forms are instant shapeshifting forms. They have nothing to do with mounts. They are just taking the shape of an animal to have greater mobility. However you can still use a mount and pick one of the mount features. That is still an option for druids.

Think about it. You have faster swimming, can’t be dismounted, and you could pick the parachute and have the best of all 3 at the same time. How is that not good? Just use the mount when you get to where you need to jump and float down (prior to flight of course).

(Nuadorin) #14

Wrong on so many lvls Travel form has same limits as reg mounts you can not use in combat and you can’t go in doors and you can carry people . Sandstone drake is a shape shift form and it counts as a mount. This will not be the first time blizzard has "forgot druids " when flight first came out in B.C. flight form did not follow flying mount rules (which was good and bad) but it does now. I can give you 3 reason why Blizzard has no water walk for druids A) they forgot about travel form B) they didn’t want to do it C) they can’t do it for “reasons”.

(Yamezt) #15

I can’t see them give druid water walking.

Travel already allows herbing (like the sky golem which is unable to use any other mount item). It allows interaction with quest items. While you can get dazed in non-guardian, you do not get dismounted and can basically run off in your merry way once the daze is over.

(Nuadorin) #16

Not 100% sure on this but tanks can do that too at lest my pally could and they don’t get dazed.

(Savana) #17

But tanks can’t insta mount while in combat. Druids can.

(Savana) #18

You can use travel mount in combat. My druid switches from almost dying on a mob to the travel form and runs her merry way to heal up. You can’t use flight form in combat, but you can use ground form and run off. Indoors, you can use cat form and go faster than normal run speed.

Sandstone drake is a purchased actual mount that just puts you as the mount so you can carry someone. Anyone can use it. But it’s not one of the druid forms.

(Martei) #19

I’m fine with no water walking though I wish our water form moved as fast as mounts did like the land travel form does. Of course only moves at full speed when you shift into it while not in combat. Why doesn’t it really

(Phatymcdaddy) #20

Because travel form already has anti daze, turns into flight form in the air and allows faster swimming… all this on top of being able to gather and interact with quest items. at this point you are just complaining to complain

(Reshyk) #21

Travel Form doesn’t have anti-daze unless you’re in Guardian spec. But that’s a tank thing, not a Druid thing. Presumably tank specs will still be unable to be dazed and essentially get two equips.

No issue with the rest of your post. Just clearing the record.

I’m not surprised that Travel Form isn’t included but I am a little disappointed and I worry that if the system is expanded in the future to include a “must-have” equipment that Travel Form will get pushed out of usability, which would be a shame given how iconic it is for Druids. As it is now though it’s not a huge issue as you just use Travel Form 90% of the time and a mount when you need to walk on water.