No Update on SOM Transfers Yet

Laz when can we transfer mate?

Depends on where you are willing to go

I’m not going to play a SoM character I stopped playing long ago on a dead server.

What a clumsy way to try and fix servers. You wasted your time with whatever work you did. The character is just going off into the nether since it has no value on a lifeless era server or on a wrath server no one plays.

Thanks for keeping players together, Blizz!

Everyone has an opinion about how to make vanilla WoW (including me)… but in the end, it’s moot without enough players to have a semi-functional AH and some peeps to dungeon with.

im not seeing the xfer option. is it only for toons a certain level?

It’s currently disabled while they fix a bug.

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We need an east coast option for Wrath SOM Stormstrike transfers? Atiesh has a latency of 150 or higher from the east coast.

might just be your internet man, mine’s 94 on wifi in ohio

Really want to see xfers to realms we have existing characters on as its literally the same thing as us boosting a fresh 70 or making an alt we cannot cause any additional grief to the que or " actual " server balance as theres just one of our characters online at a time… please make the right decision and allow us to move this is a total let down


I think thats just because they had issues letting you move to a realm you had opposing faction characters on it was preventing the xfer… Wish that we could get enough attention on our two posts to gain enough traction to warrant a response

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We need the choice to transfer where we want. We want to our SoM characters to be on the SAME realm as our other characters, guilds and friends. It’s only common sense - esp. since the SoM transfers would have zero impact on realm population and queue times.


I want to transfer my SOM character to at least a realm where I have existing characters

Please …


i want to transfer my charcter to at least a realm

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Yeah I got off work and was hopeful that the bug would have been fixed.

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fix the bug, cowards


Tell them to let us out already Laz!!

Why were transfers from SOM to Classic Era open for a day but now they’re closed? When will they open again?

I will move her off as it feels wrong to just let her be deleted, but I won’t play her on the other server.

They said theres a bug right now they are trying to fix which i believe was related to transferring a character to a realm with an opposing faction on it… im really hopeful that they see the noise we’ve made here on the forums and make the change so that we can move where we have existing characters on


Wanted to put visibility in this thread as well— PLEASE give us an update on this!