No Update on SOM Transfers Yet

A lot of us have quit SOM and we’ve got many level 60s, gold and resources locked on SOM servers. SOM is dead. PLEASE let us transfer these character as soon as pre-patch launches or sooner! I actually see no reason why these toons weren’t transferable to TBC servers at any point during SOM’s duration, but opening up transfers to TBC servers for pre-patch would be a smart move. Let us level our 60s to 70 and grind honor before WOTLK drops!


Me too i’m waiting for transfers, SOM is dead and i just want to continue on classic era.

I will stop my subscription and wait for transfers, because actually There is no fun on SOM.


Guys, they’ll announce it when they’re ready.

Remember, when you first rolled som, the characters weren’t originally going to the live servers, so be glad and have patience


I’d say that’s a given with seasonal servers. Nothing is stopping you from playing Classic Era.

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We really need this asap

True ! I have a 60 druid on SOM that I have not played for months. I would really like to be able to transfer to wotlk prepatch.

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Amen I have a 60 shaman I would love to play for wotlk. I doubt they will allow it but having a clone option so I can put it into era aswell would be cool.

SoM is one year cycle, you gotta wait til November to transfer to wotlk servers



Season of Mastery has always been planned to run for about one year, and we do not intend to cut Season of Mastery short.

While we don’t yet have an exact date for SoM characters to move to either Classic Era or Wrath Classic realms, we expect that to be about 11-13 months after Season of Mastery began.


Thanks for the info, Kaivax.
It’s exciting to get the chance to move on to Wrath but I’m content to wait patiently.


Thanks for the info!

Any update on the lvl 70 boost? I feel like an announcement would have to be coming soon with Pre-patch a week away.

Its a joke that they are letting all these welfare scarab lord and rank 14s on to the existing wotlk servers…


Achievements should’ve never been added to wrath classic anyway. Those titles will mean nothing in wrath.

Why does it matter?


No, because who cares about scarab and r14 in classic.

Game is 20 years old.


Imagine caring about titles in classic LOL


I understand I am a small percentage that has Scarab Lord, but I think its ridiculous that Blizzard would allow these players who got Scarab Lord on SoM to bring it over to the “live game” and pretend they earned it normally. Its disrespectful and shouldnt be allowed in my opinion. Same goes for R14.


I don’t have Scarab Lord but didn’t Scarab Lords in SoM do the same exact thing as Classic players did in 2019? If anything wasn’t it more difficult to do with the lack of players and harder raids?


Not at all. Fragments were halved and the war effort supplies were also reduced/rapidly auto-completed. This is also in the context of a version of the game with increased nodes, node respawns, and bonus procs in fishing/gathering/crafting.


No. It was sped up. Just like they sped up the rank 14 grind for SoM. Hence. Welfare.