No tuning this week?

What time did they post 2 weeks ago i thought theyd be up by now

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they gotta let holinka out of his cage to post balance notes but he has to choose between a meal and posting notes
guess he’s hungry this week again


Which class does not havea top tier comp atm?

This is gonna be so good. Their was changes made… Guess what two classes got buffs… mages and locks. Nothing else even touched. Supa dropped the vid.

any class im playing when I q, nas

Ya this game is actually awful lmao.

massive middle finger to all pvpers.

devs gotta be on something or want to kill pvp once and for all

Im starting to feel this is just a conspiracy mud is trying to orchestrate so he can just play arms/unholy tsg and w key every single wizard.

That’d be mighty heroic of him. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

what do we do
he knows

Aww man, is this an insult in the context of arena?

You’ll be happier not looking.

Aff and demo both got buffed. I might bankroll this with some dark money.

Dude, a balanced WOW game would cut into Diablo 4 sales. :wink:

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bro it all makes sense now

This makes so much more sense…they want to anger us into playing diablo 4 instead.

its working lol big brained response 10/10 tbh.

And if Diablo 4 starts faltering for some reason, then they’ll push out a balance patch for WoW PvP.

And if the balance patch doesn’t work, they’ll start selling a new expansion for Diablo 4.

My god… i think he’s right.

Well, tuning changes aren’t normally posted in the hotfix notes I think (aside from the day before weekly reset), but it’s true that none were posted, so I won’t fault anyone for continuing to doompost now

Diablo 4 is released in one week.

It’s over.

S2 PvP is doomed!

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