No Tanks, no attunement, no raiding

All I see in LFG is “LF Tank X Dungeon” across all levels 18-60…

When TBC/WOTLK came out, there was a cross server LFG tool which aided in this process.

So does Classic have a LITERAL end? Since there are no tanks, you can’t do attunements, can’t get pre-BiS raid gear let alone ANY item in a slot…

Is the 60 gearing process just posting in LFG all day long until after 6 hours you get a group?

I’m still shocked the people are defending the #nochanges when the tank shortage is a real issue.

Someone enlighten me on how to gear up at 60 with no tanks? Just pay large sums of gold per run?

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Everyone needs to start being SUPER nice to anyone willing to tank and curb their “GO GO GO!” attitudes.


They should make changes because people choose not to tank?



rolling a tank seems more productive than complaining there are no tanks. If you’re the tank, you never have to find one. Crazy, I know.


Tbh the game has just progressed past the 5 man farms for the most part.

There are a select few items still worth getting of course but the majority of players just boost to 60 and get some unwanted loot from their guilds raids.

At the beginning 5 mans were being run non stop. It’s much harder now, you’re late to the party I’m sorry :(.


Why practice and gear yourself to tank when from level ~15 - 55 everyone is only interested in buying runs and not actually doing the dungeon?


Why be in a guild of they aren’t going to help you?



This is a find some friends issue.

It was wrath. Don’t rush it. People remembered how to use chat.


I’m afraid I can not argue this as I have run every dungeon with a level appropriate party (as the tank, mostly). Im sorry you’ve not been able to do the same :frowning:

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No there wasnt in TBC and not until the VERY end of Wrath.


Dps hacks: be social and make friends with tanks and you’ll never have a tank shortage


I always thought that WoW should have level-range restrictions of some kind on instances, unless ungrouped/solo. Heck, I never even liked grouping with epic-geared players in rare/green-gear tuned dungeons. Ruins the fun of playing (IMO), unless you deliberately scale it yourself by doing it as a 3 or 4 person dungeon.

As far as tanking, a decent chunk of the DPS community seems to ruin the experience, due to the disproportionate amount of certain personality types who opt for the DPS class/spec role. Rather than group with idiots/jerks in DPS specs, it would be more fun to tank with 4 easy-going healing/support/tanking specs, with 3 of them doing the DPS. :crazy_face:

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You don’t need tanks it’s just very helpful.

You need smart pulls with cc. Focus down one.


#nochanges has zero bearing on Tank shortages.

5man content requires 1 Tank.
20man content requires 2 Tanks.
40man content requires 3-4 Tanks.

Until we hit Four Horsemen in Naxx, we have zero content that scales the Tank number relative to the group size the same as dungeon content.

Furthermore, Tanking is immensely unpopular compared to DPS. People are apparently more willing to Heal than Tank, which is weird to me but that seems to be the issue. You can’t just make people roll Tanks and no amount of changes will alter the problem without making Tanks superfluous or making every class a Tank. This isn’t ESO so… you get what you get.

Be nice to your Tanks and make friends, or you’ll be without any ability to progress.


Join a decent guild.

I’m a full Bis bear tank, I do alot of dungeons on grob. Honestly if your looking to gear fast, druid is the best. One spec I can heal, dps, and tank effectivly all dungeons. Also, OP LFG is what kills the game. LFG has minimal social interaction and with people most likely you will never see again since they are not on your server.


Why, because you can’t stop yourself from buying runs?

Yeah, pay for a tank or run without one if you can’t find one. It’s really that simple.


people pay for tanks?! Yeesh, here I am doing it for free like a sucker. :frowning:

(jokes, I like tanking. why would I charge for it haha…)

Which is kind of weird IMO. It’s not TOO difficult and is actually engaging in Classic as opposed to Retail where it’s like “Hey you hit the mob so you have threat now”. People just don’t like responsibility apparently, but the bulk of runs I’ve been in on are very understanding of tanking and dungeons. No one has had a major GOGOGOGO mentality.

I’d actually probably be willing to be full tank if the spots weren’t so ultra competitive.